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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 29 Recap

Someone ranted about the golden coupons in the newspaper, and Chiang Kai-shek was very angry after reading it. Chen Xun’en said that the top priority is not to control public opinion, but to think about how to restore people’s hearts. What Chen Xun’en said next was from the bottom of his heart, which made Chiang Kai-shek unhappy. He asked Chen Xun’en to find democrats, such as Zhang Shenfu and others, to organize a peace movement, which he thought would be useful.

Soon, Zhang Shenfu and others began to write articles in the newspapers calling for peace, and people with discerning eyes knew that they had other intentions. Since Chiang Kai-shek wanted to play a battle of public opinion, Mao Zedong also stated that they would use a pen to win the hearts of the people.

The Kuomintang convened a meeting and Guo Rugui proposed a combat plan, which Chiang Kai-shek also agreed. Du Yuming said that this plan is very careful, and he has no opinion. But after the meeting, Du Yuming told Gu Zhutong that he would not necessarily deploy according to Guo Rugui’s combat plan. He sincerely felt that Guo Rugui was different from other national army generals, and his integrity was a bit exaggerated. Guo Rugui still has a sense of innocence and fearlessness in his eyes, much like the style of the Communist Party. Gu Zhutong thinks Du Yuming thinks too much. Guo Rugui is highly regarded by the Ministry of National Defense. He does not seem to be the Communist Party. Du Yuming also hopes that he is wrong.

Zhu De revised part of the content of the book “On the Cultivation of Communist Party Members”. Before the official printing, he would like to ask Mao Zedong to review it again. Mao Zedong couldn’t help but think of when he first revised this book that year, when Chiang Kai-shek was still in full swing, thinking that the Communist Party and the Kuomintang were not eligible for peace talks, and as a result, their defeat is now becoming apparent. Du Yuming and Chen Xunen talked about the battlefield of Xu Bang. He believed that Xu Bang was no longer a battlefield, but a execution ground. Chen Xun’en also felt this way. Chiang Kai-shek always asked him to write articles that violated his conscience, which made him very distressed.

Du Yuming had visited Zhang Zhizhong and Shao Lizi before, and they both advocated real peace and talked with Chiang Kai-shek, but Chiang Kai-shek’s attitude was very resistant, and even said who would persuade him to make peace talks was to let him go out of the wild. It has only been three years since the last Chongqing negotiations. Politics, military affairs, and public opinion have fallen into the hands of the Communist Party. Perhaps Chiang Kai-shek has been unable to accept this change. Du Yuming dragged his sick body to Xuzhou, but Feng Zhian said in a vague way that he was going to plead with Chiang Kai-shek, so that Du Yuming was here to do it for himself.

Liu Zhi wanted to hand over all the mess in Xuzhou to Du Yuming. Du Yuming believed that Xuzhou definitely could not leave him, and Jiang Jieshi also said that he came to Xuzhou to assist Liu Zhi. Upon seeing this, Liu Zhi no longer said that he wanted to leave, but gave him full power of military command, but he still interfered with Du Yuming’s military command and combat plan. Du Yuming held a strategic deployment meeting. After Qiu Qingquan heard the first applause, Liu Zhi thought it was a risky move, so it is better to choose a more stable combat plan. No fault. Huang Baitao saw Chiang Kai-shek’s personal letter, and he was more confident in the next battle.

Su Yu commanded the battle and instructed to take down the village as soon as possible. At this time, the Nianzhuang Huang Baitao Corps was ready to fight. On November 12, the Suyu Corps launched an attack on the periphery of Nianzhuang. In order to blow up the enemy’s bunker and firepower, the PLA sacrificed many comrades.

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