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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 28 Recap

This uprising is not simple, it affects the whole body. And Zhang Kexia and He Jifeng were a group of surprise soldiers that Zhou Enlai planted in the Kuomintang many years ago. They have been waiting for so many years, and they are not afraid to wait for these hours. At this time, Zhang Kexia was pacing in the room, and then, ignoring Feng Zhi’an’s obstacles, wanted to leave. Feng Zhian asked Liu Zhi for instructions and asked him to issue an arrest warrant to capture Zhang Kexia.

Liu Zhi didn’t care, so he could find the person back. Feng Zhian hung up the phone and was so angry that Liu Zhi was a pig. In the end, Feng Zhian did not follow what Liu Zhi said. Instead, he made people pay close attention to each checkpoint. If Zhang Kexia was found, he would arrest him.

As soon as Zhang Kexia arrived at the checkpoint, the soldiers there received a call. Taking advantage of the time the guards answered the call, Zhang Kexia asked the driver to drive away quickly, and finally went back to meet He Jifeng. That night, they launched an uprising, and the next day before Yang Side was about to launch a storm, he finally saw them uprising. Su Yu learned that the uprising was successful, and finally let go of his hanging heart. Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai also waited all night, and finally waited for good news. The political significance of this uprising is far greater than the military significance. Mao Zedong telegraphed Su Yu that Huaye’s 7th, 10th, and 13th columns swiftly passed Jiawang and Taierzhuang southward, and directed towards Cao Baji, while other columns continued to pursue.

Feng Zhian went to plead with Liu Zhi, but Liu Zhi attributed all the blame to him, and he didn’t even think about how stupid his previous orders were. Later, Liu Zhi transferred Li Mi away from Cao Baji, leaving Huang Baitao completely alone, and his purpose of doing this was to keep Xuzhou. Huang Baitao also knew that as soon as Li Mi withdrew, he was fighting alone.

For this reason, he asked Li Mi to stay for one or two days, but Li Mi was unwilling. Huang Baitao had to order to cross the river quickly and then blow up the bridge. Seeing that the Communist Party was getting closer and closer, Liu Zhenxiang was forced to blow up the bridge before the remaining troops had crossed the bridge, causing serious loss of force.

The generals in Huang Baitao’s regiment had a dispute. Liu Zhenxiang was resolutely unwilling to leave Nianzhuang. Huang Baitao wanted to continue to withdraw westward, but the Ministry of National Defense asked them to stay in Nianzhuang. Another news came that Cao Baji had been occupied, and now they could not withdraw if they wanted to. The Huang Baitao Corps was surrounded by Nianzhuang, and the north gate of Xuzhou was empty.

In Peking, after the doctor showed Du Yuming, he said with emotion that the doctor is better. Fu Zuoyi told him that he has some chronic diseases now, and the doctor asked him to take a good rest. After Du Yuming learned of Zhang He’s rebellion and Huang Baitao being besieged in Nianzhuang, he suddenly felt heart palpitations.

Su Yu telegraphed the Military Commission. After seeing the telegram, Mao Zedong had been analyzing maps and studying strategic deployment on the table. In the middle of the night, Zhu De and Zhou Enlai couldn’t sleep. They came to Mao Zedong and climbed together under Mao Zedong’s suggestion. They discussed strategy on the mountain, discussing whether to fight this battle.

From November 7 to 9, the Central Military Commission, in accordance with the major changes in the national military situation after the Liaoshen Campaign, and the Central Plains Field Army attacked the Jinpu Line. The Kuomintang Army Xuzhou Liuzhi Group showed signs of general retreat. It approved the frontline commander’s proposal and decided to expand. The original scale of the Huaihai Campaign was jointly carried out by the two major field armies of East China and Central Plains, striving to annihilate the main enemy force near Xuzhou.

In Nanjing, many people exchange gold and silver coupons for gold and silver, only to learn that these are not worth the money. Naturally, the people don’t buy it, and they are in a mess. Du Yuming passed by by car and could only sigh. The news about the golden round coupons written in the newspaper made Chiang Kai-shek agitated when he saw it.

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