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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 27 Recap

Dewey was not elected. Truman, who had always been ranked behind, was elected. This had to shock Song Meiling and Chiang Kai-shek. Chiang Kai-shek was very angry, and he said angrily that they would regret it. Different from Nanjing, Zhou Enlai and Mao Zedong were pushing the Mozi, and then they met to discuss the Huaihai Campaign. After Chiang Kai-shek passed the Liao-Shen battle, his fists were tightly closed. The strength of Hua Ye and Liu Zhi’s corps was very different. Mao Zedong reminded them not to forget that there were seven columns. Mao Zedong also pointed out that the Huaihai Campaign must be a joint combat mission jointly executed by the Huaye and the Central Plains, and it must be a close cooperation and coordinated operation.

Zhu De analyzed that Liu Bocheng led Zhongye to contain Bai Chongxi’s tribe in western Henan and prevent the Huangwei Corps supporting Xu Beng from advancing east. Chen Yi and Deng Xiaoping have already conquered Zhengzhou and pinned Qiu Qingquan and Sun Yuanliang Corps to the southwest of Xuzhou to the east. All this is for China. Ye Su Yu went south to create conditions. Mao Zedong wanted to take advantage of the morale he had developed, and beat Chiang Kai-shek by surprise. They all agreed to launch the Huaihai Campaign by a show of hands. Chiang Kai-shek handed over the task of combat deployment to Gu Zhutong, while he himself was busy with the rear affairs. Chief of Staff Zhang Zhen and Su Yu discussed Huang Baitao, and they thought that this person did have two brushes.

Qiu Qingquan, Gu Zhutong, and Guo Ruguilai met Huang Baitao and the others to discuss combat plans. Huang Baitao had objections to Chiang Kai-shek’s combat plan, but it was quickly rejected by Liu Zhi, and Guo Zhu Tongbian asked them to order absolute obedience and prepare to deploy war. That night, Gu Zhutong was about to rush back to Nanjing to resume his life. Huang Baitao stopped him, complaining about Liu Zhi, who turned around and plunged into the extravagant forest in the wine pond shortly after the meeting was over. Gu Zhutong said that Liu Zhi was very loyal to Chiang Kai-shek, and was better than Bai Chongxi, who was a white-eyed wolf, and that he would say less in the future. Gu Zhutong also reminded Huang Baitao that after withdrawing from Xin’an Town, he should be light and simple. The Communist Party is moving very fast.

Huang Baitao returned to Xin’an Town and ordered his subordinates to withdraw to Xuzhou immediately. After receiving a call from Liu Zhi, he was shocked when he heard the order. Liu Zhi relayed Chiang Kai-shek’s order to first wait for Haizhou’s 44th Army in Xin’an Town. As the battlefield changed rapidly, Su Yu asked the Military Commission for instructions to advance the date of launching the Huaihai Campaign from the 8th to the 6th. However, the military commission’s instructions will not arrive until tomorrow, but Suyu believes that the fighter planes cannot be delayed. They can wait for the military commission’s reply while they act, and logistic supplies can also be given while they are dispatched. On the 6th, the main force of Huaye approached Xuzhou, and the Military Commission also called and told them to respond to the situation without asking for instructions.

At this time, Huang Baitao assembled his forces to move closer to Xuzhou, but before they left, their group was trapped on the bridge. Liu Zhi was engaged in a private salt business in Xin’an Town. Many salt merchants heard that the Communist Party was coming and fled with the 44th Army. As a result, the road was completely blocked. Su Yu tried to persuade the people to go home, but they were still very afraid of the Communist Party’s entry. At this time, Su Yu and others also learned that Huang Baitao was about to escape. He asked people to do the work of Zhang Kexia and He Jifeng’s uprising as soon as possible. A few hours later, Huang Baitao, the big fish, might slip away every minute. Yantou Town in the northwest of Suqian County. There was continuous artillery fire, and the comrades used their bodies to build bridges to help troops cross the river and annihilate the enemy.

The headquarters of the Appeasement Zone 3 was in a meeting, and Zhang Kexia was watched closely, and could not go back to guide the 54th Army’s uprising plan for a while. Zhang Kexia asked to return to the front line to command operations, but was quickly rejected. The two of He Jifeng waited for a long time, and they didn’t wait for Zhang Kexia. Thinking about it, they knew that he must be under house arrest. Jia Zhuang and Taierzhuang hadn’t moved yet, and Su Yu had a headache again. Zhou Enlai saw Mao Zedong not resting, so he came to talk to him. Zhou Enlai believes that whether Su Yu can block Huang Baitao’s back road depends on whether the third appeasement zone can successfully revolt.

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