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Crossroad Bistro 北辙南辕 Episode 9 Recap

Zhao Henan continued to work part-time. Suddenly, a guest started to disturb Zhao Henan’s sharp knife. Zhao Henan kindly advised him. As a result, several drunk men started to make trouble, Zhao Henan responded calmly. When I left, I found out that I was given a bad review. The service platform asked Zhao Henan to look back and apologize. Zhao Henan felt unreasonable and resigned directly.

Feng Xi finally received another call from Zhao Henan. After seeing Zhao Henan, You Shanshan and Feng Xi were very happy. Zhao Henan finally made an additional request not to allow anyone to interfere with the back kitchen. Feng Xi nodded and agreed. Zhao Henan signed it directly, and everything will come naturally.

Liu Liangzhou tangled up to call Dai Xiaoyu again, and wanted to make an appointment with Dai Xiaoyu for the New Year’s Eve. Dai Xiaoyu agreed to have dinner together in the evening. On the other hand, Bao Xue had to stay in Hainan because he was late to book a ticket.

Just trying to pretend to be a liar to tease Bai Jinghui, who knew that Lu Zheng could see through it, so she had to ask for mercy. This year, only Dai Xiaoyu will accompany Bai Jinghui to celebrate the New Year. Bao Xue has repeatedly persuaded Bai Jinghui not to be angry with Dai Xiaoyu. Then he called to explain to Dai Xiaoyu, which could be said to have broken the relationship between the two.

As soon as Dai Xiaoyu went out and found that Liu Liangzhou had waited until the evening, Dai Xiaoyu, who was sleepy, had forgotten the date. Tonight was to have a reunion dinner with her grandma. Liu Liangzhou simply asked Dai Xiaoyu to call out Bai Jinghui and the three of them went out together. When Dai Xiaoyu told Bai Jinghui the news, Bai Jinghui didn’t want to attend a gathering of young people, so she discussed with Lu Zheng to have a New Year’s Eve together.

The two people who hadn’t had a wife talked about the New Year and it was full of sadness. This time it was finally a hot year. However, Bao Xue could only come to the dumpling shop alone, and happened to join the table with Yu Songyang. The two northerners met in Hainan and started chatting by mistake.

Feng Xi was tinkering with the kitchen decoration and wanted to make a video call with Li. Liu Liangzhou and Dai Xiaoyu chatted in the romantic restaurant. Liu Liangzhou praised Dai Xiaoyu’s beauty without any secret, and made an appointment with Dai Xiaoyu to watch a movie. Perhaps the atmosphere was just right, and Dai Xiaoyu directly agreed. On the other hand, the video finally started, but Li Xiang, who was so tired, couldn’t take care of Feng Xi’s painstaking efforts, and fell asleep after havingtily. It ended up being Feng Xi watching a movie at home alone.

You Shanshan brought something to see Brother Hei. Hei, who is good at repairing musical instruments,’s house is naturally full of rhythm. You Shanshan was happy when she listened. She also took out her sophisticated instruments and started playing. Hei said nothing. The gang started to accompany them again, and the voice gradually became dimmed and melted into the notes. After the crowd dissipated, Brother Hei took out his new musical instrument and gave it to You Shanshan. In this way, the two spent five years together.

After the dumpling game, Yu Songyang and Bao Xue came to the ballroom. Under the DJ’s music, their emotions reached their climax, and they spent the new year together. There was a lively dance here, and there was another lonely lying on the sofa, as Bai Jinghui turned off the lamp beside her, the year passed quietly.

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