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Crossroad Bistro 北辙南辕 Episode 8 Recap

Early in the morning, Si Meng was busy taking care of the children again. While at the table, Si Meng proposed to join You Shanshan’s restaurant. Du Shijun felt that Si Meng had broken the harmony between the male lead and the female lead. So he used cruel words to cut through the beautiful plan in Si Meng’s heart. Si Meng, who had no savings in his hand, had no chance, so he could only swallow the plan back into his stomach.

When the child was sent away, Si Meng received a call from the publishing house, and the editor he had been in contact with was about to change the short story written by You Shanshan into a short play. The 200,000 draft fee fell from the sky. Si Meng hurriedly called You Shanshan out for dinner. . After talking about the happy event, and then talk about the stock issue, You Shanshan guessed that Si Meng couldn’t be the master at home, so she didn’t force it.

Today Si Meng is extremely happy, not only spent a lot of money to reward the children, but also made a table of dumplings. Du Shijun asked the reason and realized that it was Si Meng’s contribution fee. Si Meng looked at her husband’s smile very happy, but when Du Shijun wanted to put all of his contribution fee into the mortgage, she suddenly lost her joy.

Restricted by platform requirements, Feng Xi could only invite Zheng Henan to his home, with a full set of ingredients and equipment. Feng Xi looked at Zheng Henan with a focused look thoughtful. Cai really suits his appetite, Feng Xi hesitates to stop Zhao Henan and proposes to recruit, but Zhao Henan refuses. When You Shanshan learned about this, she was so angry that she told Feng Xi, and threatened Feng Xi to make another appointment and must take it down. Due to the oppression from above, Feng Xi could only make another appointment.

When Zhao Henan came to Feng Xi’s house, Li Xiang called and Feng Xi simply called Li Xiang. Turning around and asking him why Zhao Henan didn’t want to be a chef, Zhao Henan, who was naturally free, had trouble with several restaurants where he worked before, so he didn’t decide to take up the post again. Li Xiang opened the door and found that there was a handsome chef in the house. He quickly became jealous and even suspected Feng Xi and Zhao Henan.

Feng Xi felt speechless, and Li Xiang finally accepted his suspicion. Seeing Feng Xi’s sullen face, Li Xiang told her today’s great deeds. As a postdoctoral fellow, Li Xiang has obtained the opportunity of elite training and is about to go to Germany. Hearing Li Xiangmei planning the future, Feng Xi is very indifferent because of her He found that there was no himself in the future that Li Xiangchang had imagined.

Zhao Henan visited the restaurant at Yu Shanshan’s enthusiastic invitation, but still insisted not to join the job. In desperation, the two began a new chef interview. Yu Shanshan sought the best style and eliminated batch after batch of chefs. Feng Xi was helpless.

Feng Xi prepared boxes after boxes of luggage for Li Xiang, everything was well prepared, but Li Xiang was paralyzed on the sofa playing with his mobile phone. The little couple was about to leave for a long time. Li Xiang could not listen to Feng Xi’s explanation. My girlfriend is warm at last…

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