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Crossroad Bistro 北辙南辕 Episode 7 Recap

You Shanshan was busy with the restaurant affairs. The designers she met were less reliable than one. It happened that Dai Xiaoyu’s former roommate Shen Peihong’s ex-boyfriend was also a designer, and the two are also friends now. With Dai Xiaoyu’s introduction, You Shanshan became interested in this mysterious designer.

You Shanshan came to visit Si Meng again. Every time Si Meng talked about marriage, You Shanshan found it interesting. The marriage between Si Meng and Du Shijun was as plain as water, and now Si Meng is like a living bitter woman. When You Shanshan threw out the restaurant’s affairs, Si Meng was suddenly silent again, saying that he was going to discuss with Du Shijun, and You Shanshan couldn’t stop laughing.

Dai Xiaoyu brought Yu Songyang to You Shanshan, but Yu Songyang first took You Shanshan to see her works. Dai Xiaoyu was astounded, and although You Shanshan was also moved, she still put forward her own opinions. Although Yu Songyang’s design is full of aesthetics, there are always some flaws. Although You Shanshan’s opinions are in the vernacular, they hit the nail on the head. Yu Songyang also heard some truth, so he agreed to Yu Shanshan’s design invitation to cater to the opinions of the four female investors, with a romantic tone as the main tone.

Immediately after taking over the job of You Shanshan, Yu Songyang became much busier. Shen Peihong called, and the two chatted about daily life. Yu Songyang mentioned Dai Xiaoyu, and Shen Peihong suddenly thought of the surging request, and quickly asked Yu Songyang to send her contact information.

You Shanshan feels that Yu Songyang’s plan is very good. The quotation proposed by Mr. Gu, the boss of Yu Songyang, is too far from You Shanshan’s expectations. You Shanshan insisted on her budget and turned to leave. And Mr. Gu couldn’t bear to just make a business deal like this. Seeing You Shanshan leaving the place unrestrainedly, he could only grit his teeth and agree.

Ever since Bai Jinghui met Lu Zheng at the noodle restaurant, the two had a very good chat, and exchanged WeChat messages, agreeing to learn how to play cards together next time. Two days later, Lu Zheng came to Bai Jinghui’s house. When the game was over, the two continued to chat from the child, becoming more and more acquainted.

Shen Peihong told Peng Pai about Dai Xiaoyu’s current situation and contact information. Shen Peihong felt sorry for the separation of the two, so Peng Pai decided to take this opportunity to return to China and propose to Dai Xiaoyu.

Thanks to the running-in and communication between You Shanshan and Yu Songyang, the decoration of the restaurant is finally completed. The beautiful colors and exquisite decoration made the four employers very satisfied and praised Yu Songyang. When Yu Songyang sent Dai Xiaoyu home, when she said that Shen Peihong asked herself for Dai Xiaoyu’s contact information, Dai Xiaoyu had a subtle premonition in her heart.

The restaurant is about to open, but the original chef has missed his appointment. Out of anger, You Shanshan took Feng Xi to a Japanese food store, and found that one of the chefs, Zhao Henan, had appearance and technology, which could perfectly solve the restaurant’s extreme shortage of people. You Shanshan inquired about the application of Zhao Henan’s employment, so she asked Feng Xi to hurry up and take Zhao Henan.

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