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Unforgettable Love 贺先生的恋恋不忘 Episode 7 Recap

President He drove Yiyue anxiously to find Xiaobao and passed by his home. Suddenly Yiyue seemed to realize where Xiaobao had gone, so he turned around and went home. Xiaobao was really waiting for her at the door of Yiyue’s house. After he found him, He Qiaoyan was very angry, and yelled Xiaobao’s name He Weifei. Yiyue told him not to say anything. After taking Xiaobao in, He Qiaoyan found Dr. Qin’s stinky socks just after he sat on the sofa. Doctor Qin was very embarrassed.

Xiaobao also took the initiative to admit his mistake, and Mr. He chose to forgive him. Doctor Qin went to cook, but there seemed to be some confusion in the kitchen. He Qiaoyan teased her and said, “Don’t do it if you don’t know how to do it, so as not to make a joke, then, two People decided to try to make fish.

He Qiaoyan made it according to the online proportions and techniques, and Dr. Qin completely relied on his own feelings, but in the end after Xiaobao’s taste, Dr. Qin won, because it feels like the soul of Chinese cuisine, and Qin The doctor has grasped the secret of children not eating ginger and garlic, and replaced the cooking wine with milk. When Dr. Qin took Xiaobao to wash his hands, he secretly tasted it. Xiaobao and Dr. Qin found out, and teased him whether he wanted to. Here is a bowl of rice.

In the evening, Mr. He put the sleeping Little Treasure in the car, and the two people discussed the contract fiercely. It was He Qiaoyan’s intimidation and temptation, coupled with the aggressive law, which successfully lured Qin Yiyue into signing the contract. Ruofei and Yiyue reminisced about the past in the last night in the shared house. The memories were full of memories that made people feel reluctant. So the two people put on music and took out their equipment and cheered together.

At the regular meeting of the Wen Group, Wen Gu made a lot of ambiguities, and mistakenly placed the PPT of the sales trend that he analyzed into the chat record in the group, which made Wen Dong’s face lost. Ruo Fei also loved him to answer. ignore.

Dr. Qin submitted the symptoms of a relatively special child that he sorted out, so that the doctor who took over would be more convenient. Director Huang said that although many people in the hospital rumored that Dr. Qin left because of marriage, he believed that Dr. Qin was for Xiaobao. , Doctor Qin’s friends in the hospital were also very reluctant to bear her. Wen Gu showed He Qiaoyan a small video taken by Qin Yiyue and Yang Ruofei at home, and kindly reminded her that Dr. Qin gave up a lot of things for him invisibly. He cares about Dr. Qin’s feelings in his heart, but his mouth is hard.

The next day, the senior brother came to see Doctor Qin and happened to meet her to move. When he heard that Yi Yue was moving to He Qiaoyan’s house, he was very disappointed, even though Doctor Qin said that he had nothing to do with Mr. He. The brother looked at the photo of himself and Qin Yiyue and sighed, is it because he is too late again.

When the three of Dr. Qin and the three were meeting in the house, suddenly President He sent someone over. It turned out that he bought Dr. Qin’s house. President He called her and told her to come down within two minutes, Dr. Qin. In order to be pissed, he deliberately went down five minutes later, but when he went downstairs he ran very fast and fell down.

The next day Qin Yiyue took his luggage to He Qiaoyan’s house, but they shared the same room with different beds for Xiaobao to discover, and in order not to make Xiaobao suspicious, they had to cooperate with each other in acting. When he was cooking, Doctor Qin gave He Qiaoyan a back-slaughter. In the living room he had to kiss and hug Qin Yiyue high, but when He Qiaoyan picked up Qin Yiyue, the two looked at each other as if they moved Love is the same.

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