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Unforgettable Love 贺先生的恋恋不忘 Episode 6 Recap

Xiaobao fell ill suddenly, He Qiaoyan and Qin Yiyue rushed to the hospital in a hurry. He Qiaoyan fed Xiaobao to drink medicine, but Xiaobao didn’t take any medicine, but Yiyue thought of a method specifically for children, and Mr. He step by step, pretending to be a little dinosaur, drinking medicine, and He Qiaoyan also gurgled, so that he even coaxed Xiaobao to drink the medicine.

Mr. He bought coffee for Dr. Qin, but he didn’t expect that Xiaobao would have a cold in the morning. He Qiaoyan didn’t notice it. He also blamed himself, but there are indeed many things. Xiaobao actually shared his snacks with Dr. Qin. Asking Dr. Xiao Qin to sleep with him, Dr. Qin promised to stay with him by himself. Suddenly Xiao Bao called his mother, and both of them were shocked.

The next day Dr. Qin woke up and wanted to leave secretly. He happened to bump into the returning He Qiaoyan. He asked Qin Yiyue to move to his home without saying a word. Dr. Qin refused, but He Qiaoyan took Xiao Bao moved out and said that otherwise, he would let Dr. Qin go and talk to Xiao Bao. Although Dr. Qin’s mouth was hard, he still felt a little shaken in his heart.

After returning home, my best friend and Qin Yiyue Anli Yunifang’s facial mask together. The two recalled the meeting with their parents last night. Doctor Qin asked Ruofei what she should do, but Ruofei disagreed with what Yiyue said. It just so happened that He Qiaoyan came with Xiaobao as soon as his best friend left. When Xiaobao saw Dr. Qin, he called her mom. Although Dr. Qin said not to shout, they were still very happy to get along with each other. He Qiaoyan brought Xiaobao for the checkup, and by the way, he was on a business trip and handed Xiaobao to Doctor Xiaoqin.

In the morning, Xiaobao’s various indicators had returned to normal. Director Huang said that he could ask Mr. He to take Xiaobao home, so Dr. Qin took a picture with Xiaobao while Xiaobao was asleep and sent it to He Qiaoyan. Congratulations Seeing that my secretary bought a local specialty, he asked to bring a copy for himself.

After Xiaobao woke up and found that Doctor Xiao Qin was not there, he rushed to find her with a tablet, and was bullied by unreasonable parents and children at the children’s entertainment place. He also said that Xiao Bao was dumb and was just seen by Dr. Qin. To carry Xiaobao away, the parents were unreasonable and asked to call Xiaobao’s mother over to apologize. Doctor Qin said that she was Xiaobao’s mother because she couldn’t bear it. Don’t be polite to someone like her. Qingqing just happened to be passing by. Personally, I even slandered Doctor Qin, thinking that she wanted to be Mrs. He was crazy. Of course, Doctor Xiao Qin was not outdone and called her a scumbag recycling machine.

Doctor Qin took Xiaobao back to the room and promised Xiaobao that he would always be with him, but maybe in a different way. He also told Xiaobao that his biological parents were the same. In the tea room, Qingqing and other tongue-chewer people were discussing that Dr. Qin was heard by Ruo Fei. Ruo Fei accidentally spilled coffee on Qing Qing in order to fight Dr. Qin’s injustice, and the hospital actually asked Ruo Fei to resign.

When He Qiaoyan returned to the hospital, he saw Doctor Qin sleeping with Xiaobao in his arms, and smiled. Just as he was about to put clothes on Qin Yiyue, he woke her up. The two looked at each other, and there seemed to be something in the air. Sweet, He Qiaoyan nervously told Dr. Qin that he had brought a special product, and Dr. Qin also said that he was kind of human.

Then Doctor Qin learned about Ruofei. Qin Yiyue felt guilty and felt that it was his cause, but Ruofei comforted that he had broken the rules and wanted to change jobs. After that, Qin Yiyue went to a small bar to drink with Ruo Fei and his senior, and the senior took care of Yiyue. Early the next morning, Yi Yue called Ruo Fei and took her to the interview with the recruitment assistant’s company that she had organized, but it all fell to nothing.

Suddenly Ruofei received the message that the Wen Group asked her to go to the end tomorrow. Both of them were very excited. Ruofei went to find out that it was because of He Qiaoyan’s recommendation. After Yiyue listened to it, she was very moved. He just made an appointment. I always thank him, but I heard that Xiaobao is missing…

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