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The Lost Tomb 2: Explore With the Note 云顶天宫 Episode 9 Recap

Wu Xie suggested to take Fatty Wang and Zhang Qiling into the cave to investigate the situation. As for Chen Pi, because of his age, he decided to stay outside and wait. The Iron Triangle walked along the dark road, only feeling the heat and unbearable. Wu Xie saw Zhang Qiling standing in front, there seemed to be something wrong, but he still suppressed the doubts in his heart.

At the end of the long and narrow underpass was a lot of rocks. After walking out of the cave, I saw a hot spring eye. Large-scale colored murals were found around. Although the preservation conditions are poor and the colors are dim, if you can barely tell that it is similar to the situation of the goddess flying to the sky through the above patterns.

On the other side, Aning arranged for the team to camp in the mountains and reported the current situation to Jude Kao in time, staying nearby according to his instructions, and secretly observing the movements of other people. That night, Jason encountered an avalanche. Fortunately, they were hung on a tree before they escaped. As the equipment had been buried, Aning planned to take out some of the equipment to let them leave. Unexpectedly, Jason strongly opposed it. Aning told Jude Kao about the situation, and Jason used his own delivery channel in exchange to keep Jason in the archaeological team. Aning didn’t understand Jude Kao’s approach, and could not help but think of the unpredictability mentioned by Wu Sansheng.

The robes searched the source of the photos again, and found that it was caused by a few foreigners participating in an underwater cemetery survey organized by Jude Kao, and took a photo of the stone wall. As for the specific news about this cemetery, it is not known for the time being, only that Wu Xie is also involved. Xie Yuchen wanted to know the truth of the matter, so he used hackers to investigate.

Zhang Qiling went to inform the other people to gather here. Fatty Wang and Wu Xie were in charge of inspecting the murals. They always felt that what was wrong was missing. At this time, Pan Zi came in from outside and explained to everyone the reason why he left without saying goodbye. He even took Chenpi and others to watch the real hot spring pit murals in order to prove his innocence.

After this series of changes, everyone is exhausted, and the murals do not leave much information. Most of them are on the gorgeous palaces or ritual vessels, showing a beautiful scene of singing and dancing, which is meaningless. On the contrary, Jin Shunzi, who was lying next to him, suddenly disappeared. As everyone was about to look for it, he unexpectedly flew up from a height and attacked Wu Xie like a beast.

Fortunately, at a critical moment, Zhang Qiling stepped forward to resist, and with three punches and two kicks, Jin Shunzi subdued Jin Shunzi, and through the behavior of just now, he analyzed that he was poisoned by fox. Because the sulfur in the hot spring water has a detoxification effect, everyone decided to soak Jin Shunzi in the hot spring, and then followed Pan Zi to the pit mural.

Fatty Wang stepped forward and scratched the mural with his fingers, only to find that the surface layer seemed to have not been completed, and there seemed to be a layer inside. Since the costumes of the characters on the murals are the same as the costumes of the seabed tomb murals, Wu Xie suspects that it has something to do with the Genting Temple. Chen Pi, standing next to him, winked at Lang Feng and asked them to help.

Lang Feng took the initiative to tell the scene about this mural, which is mainly divided into two stories. After the integration, the people of Dongxia were very brave long ago. They were often one enemy three. Unfortunately, they lost the war in the end. Wang Fatzi and the others were confused and continued to question the affairs of the Eastern Xia Kingdom. From this, they learned that Dongxia was a regime that suddenly emerged in Jilin and Heilongjiang during Jurchen’s extermination period. It did not wait for the founding emperor Wannu to pass on the throne. One generation, they were slaughtered by the Mongols.

Because the productivity of the Dongxia people was not high at that time and their existence was not long, Wu Xie believed that there shouldn’t be time to build a tomb. But from some of the murals, it is obvious that a group of Eastern Xia women went to the direction of Yunding for funerals. Chen Pi thinks that the Genting Temple and Eastern Xia imperial mausoleum are the same place, and Lang Feng also feels that the Eastern Xia people are not completely extinct, at least the existing historical data can. prove.

As soon as the voice fell, Chen Pi took out the snake eyebrow bronze fish, and the monk Hua illuminated the scales with a flashlight to show everyone, and found that there were Jurchen texts on the scales. Jin Shunzi, who was still soaking in the hot spring, gradually returned to normal, but unexpectedly, he secretly snatched the snake eyebrow copper fish without being noticed. Zhang Qiling and Wang Fatty subdued Jin Shunzi. After inspection, they believed that the fox venom had not been completely removed from his body and he needed to soak in the hot spring for two more days.

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