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The Lost Tomb 2: Explore With the Note 云顶天宫 Episode 8 Recap

The robes tracked down the email address that issued the photo and found that it was the Huo family. Xie Yuchen didn’t understand the reason, so he decided to go to Beijing in person and visit Huo Xiangu in person. Knowing what Xie Yuchen came from, Huo Xiangu deliberately concealed the photo, and was unwilling to tell the source of the photo. Xie Yuchen did not get any useful information, so she got up and left.

The people as far away as Changbai Mountain still struggled to walk, and occasionally took a break on the road. Wu Xie was curious about whether there were ancient tombs nearby, but Jin Shunzi claimed that he had never seen ancient tombs, because it was the Snow Mountain Fault to go further, which was even more dangerous. As early as a few years ago, there was a team of archaeologists who did not listen to dissuasion and went up the mountain rashly. As a result, the female captain was lost and the team members also quarreled about some trivial matters. Later, the archaeological team encountered an avalanche and no one survived. From then on, local villagers were particularly taboo about this.

Chen Pi reminded everyone to understand that treasures and dangers coexist. If anyone is afraid, go back. Fatty Wang doesn’t want to be looked down upon, and his stubborn temper follows. Jin Shun led the team around the snow-capped mountains, but could not find the outpost, and finally found out that the outpost had been buried by heavy snow, so he had to find a nearby hot spring first.

Everyone was tied together with ropes, but Jin Shunzi fell into a coma due to lack of physical strength. Nowadays, there is no guide to give directions, so everyone discussed to find the hot spring separately, but to ensure safety, a rope must be tied around each person’s waist to maximize the distance. If anyone finds the hot spring, he immediately uses communication equipment to contact.

Wu Xieman walked forward aimlessly, gradually losing his physical strength, and even hallucinated in the low temperature environment, so that he frequently saw Wu Sansheng and Xielianhuan pretending to be Wu Sansheng. Wu Xie was horrified when he saw that the serial savage face was about to come to claim his life. It happened that at this time he was dragged back by a powerful force, and finally reunited with everyone.

A stone stele appeared on the mountainside with a dragon-shaped pattern carved on it. Several people gathered to check and discuss. Fatty Wang wanted to inquire about the Eastern Xia imperial mausoleum, but Chen Pi stopped him. Wu Xie believed that the stone sculpture fell here because of an avalanche, but Chen Pi scolded him for only knowing a little about it, claiming that it was a sealed stone belonging to the tomb passage, and there was a horse chain in the dragon’s mouth on it, which was used to open the tomb passage.

Aning took the team around in the woods, and suddenly received a call from Jude Kao, so he reported the situation to him. Lang Feng found that Jin Shunzi’s breath had weakened, which seemed to be dying. Just as everyone was entangled about whether to save people, Chen Pi immediately ordered the land to rescue Jin Shunzi. He still had many doubts that needed to be answered by the other party.

At this time, Zhang Qiling smelled the scent of sulfur. Everyone guessed that the hot spring mentioned by Jin Shunzi was nearby. As a result, there were traces of someone visiting, and there was a text engraved on the yellow silk of the Warring States Period. Wu Xie recognized the content of the text, and Zhang Qiling came to Jin Shunzi alone and asked him the reason for pretending to be faint, and then reminded Wu Xie to check the stone sculpture carefully.

Since it has been determined that Enquan is under the stone crack, Chen Pi asks his apprentice Lang Feng to guard Jin Shunzi, and he leads people down to check. Lang Feng noticed that something was wrong with Jin Shunzi, and found that the opponent suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes were golden yellow, and he was scared to back off quickly. Despite this, Jin Shunzi did not act aggressively. He took advantage of Lang Feng’s carelessness to take off his gloves and found that the wound on his wrist that had been bitten by the fox had begun to rot.

The more people walked down, the more they felt that the temperature was very high. During the period, I saw a lot of inexplicable text on the stone wall. Wu Xie mentioned that when he opened the mountain and built the mausoleum, he chose to seal the cave with a stone. Since Changbai Mountain is a dormant volcano for many years, if the volcano erupts, no one on the scene will be spared. Lang Feng is terrifying and blames him for talking to Fatty Wang.

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