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The Lost Tomb 2: Explore With the Note 云顶天宫 Episode 7 Recap

In just a few hours, the large team was attacked by monsters one after another, and in the end only a few people were left. Fortunately, Wu Xie found Aning in time, and the two hid in the abandoned hut and set up a fire inside to chat. Seeing the chocolate Wu Xie gave to herself, Aning couldn’t help but think of meeting Jude Kao when she was a child. Since then, he has been adopted by him and followed it with all his heart.

Just as Uncle Hai complained to everyone that the job received was too dangerous, Jason actually broke in from the outside with a flustered expression, and ordered his subordinates to wait until dawn before leaving. Someone mentioned that they went to the woods to find Wu Xie and others, but Jason was indifferent to this. Only Zhang Qiling found them. The three wounded the monster in the dark and immediately returned to the inn.

Jin Shunzi suddenly knelt on the ground and prayed to the mountain god. The next morning, Wu Xie learned of the tragic death of Uncle Da Shan and decided to investigate it first. Zhang Qiling went out instead of Wu Xie, but he did not return. Chen Pi took out a rope and tied it to his apprentice so that the apprentice could escape from danger. Unexpectedly, it didn’t take long for people to walk, and there was a heart-piercing scream in an instant. As for the other end of the rope, it was empty.

Just as everyone was worried about this, not knowing what happened, Zhang Qiling came over from the opposite side carrying the corpse. The scratches on the corpse were enough to prove that he was attacked by a monster. Now that there are unsightly bodies inside and outside the tent, the only surviving Mark seems to be in a trance, and Jason is even more flustered.

When Uncle Da Shan’s body was buried, everyone returned to the inn one after another. As a result, Aning found that Uncle Hai was missing and his whereabouts are unknown. Some people guessed that Uncle Hai was the murderer, but Jin Shunzi believed that it was the punishment from the Snow Mountain Goddess. At the same time, Huo Xiuxiu asked her aunt about Jude Kao. After receiving the photos, Xie Yuchen decided to set off for Changbai Mountain.

As the monster attack caused panic, Wu Xie believed that if he continued to stay in the inn and suspicion each other, sooner or later he would have a big problem. Jason got the position of Genting Temple, so he took Mark to leave first, and Chen Pi asked everyone to pack up and prepare to go. However, Fatty Wang always suspected that Chen Pi was the mastermind behind the scenes, and only Zhang Qiling chose to believe in Chen Pi.

On the way up the mountain, a group of people lined up and walked forward. Wu Xie found something flashing not far away, so Fatty Wang deliberately made an excuse to check. It turned out that it was a spring device that didn’t seem to be installed for long and was touched by someone. Over. Because it is not clear at the moment, Wu Xie and Fatty Wang plan to wait and see more, but they didn’t expect to see a fox in the woods not far away.

Chen Pi was sharp-eyed and threw an iron egg at the woods, but the fox was injured and could not escape. Jin Shunzi stepped forward and picked up the fox when he saw it. He was bitten, and he was so angry that he broke the fox’s neck on the spot and put it in his bag. Aning witnessed the whole process nearby, so he called Wu Xie, claiming that Chenpi would never take it rashly. This must be weird.

Seeing Aning was about to leave the team, Wu Xie was worried about her safety, and just wanted to dissuade him, but he was hung up by the other party before he could say anything. Fatty Wang was curious about the reason why Aning had left the team. Wu Xie knew she would never tell herself anything when she did anything, and could only helplessly shook her head. Everyone was going to take a rest in the woods. Jin Shunzi stepped forward to stop when he saw this. He said that this forest was called a hanging forest because many people hanged themselves inexplicably. Later, some poor people pulled out the shoes of the dead and put them on, but it didn’t take long. They also took the initiative to hang themselves here.

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