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The Lost Tomb 2: Explore With the Note 云顶天宫 Episode 11 Recap

The setting sun gradually sets to the west, illuminating almost the entire snow-capped mountain, which is particularly magnificent and shocking. Inspired by this, Wu Xie suddenly remembered that there were red flames in the murals he had seen before. Now he thought it should be the afterglow of the setting sun, so he thought that the afterglow of the setting sun was where the Genting Temple was.

After watching for a while, everyone reacted instantly and immediately shot into the ice, looking for traces of the tomb that accompanied the tomb. However, there is chaos and chaos inside, and there is no bottom. If the ordinary snow mountain glacier is almost a dozen meters thick, there is actually something abnormal here. Fatty Wang found a looming huge shadow deep in the glacier. Wu Xie guessed through analysis that it was an artificially constructed Kunlun fetus. Everyone worked hard to enter the fetal hole spiritual palace. Fatty Wang tried to open the stone gate. Unexpectedly, Wu Xie was yelling because of a little trouble, like a brainless newcomer who went to the tomb for the first time.

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