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The Lost Tomb 2: Explore With the Note 云顶天宫 Episode 10 Recap

Because of Zhang Qiling’s persistence, everyone simply stayed in the hot spring pit for two days in order to detoxify Jin Shunzi. While he was resting, Wu Xie figured out many things, including the snake eyebrow bronze fish in Chenpi’s hands, which looked like a photo published in an old newspaper. Although Chen Pi burned the Cultural Affairs Bureau after he was released from prison and took away the snake eyebrow bronze fish, he was at least the one who stole the treasures of Jinger Palace.

Wu Xie thought that if there were no other problems during the period, why Chen Pi didn’t react to Zhang Qiling, after all, the leaders of Miao Village and Zhang Qiling looked so similar. Fatty Wang couldn’t explain the situation. He tried to confuse the past with senile dementia, but he couldn’t make any sense. As a result, the three of them hadn’t noticed that Chen Si beside him had already woke up.

Two days later, everyone continued to set off, and after a difficult journey through the old forest, they finally saw a snow-covered mountain standing tall and not far away. Although it was connected to other mountains, it looked very abrupt, but its shape was unexpected. It is exactly the same as the mountain peaks in the murals of the sea tomb.

Although the robes obtained a lot of useful information through the Internet, he still suggested that Xie Yuchen delete it as soon as possible for the sake of caution, without leaving any traces. Xie Yuchen ordered the robes to secretly investigate the private exchanges between the Huo family and Jude Kao. In order to avoid Huo Xiuxiu’s suspicion, he personally explained.

However, when Huo Xiuxiu inspected the goods in the warehouse, she found that there were thousands of mysterious goods exported overseas every other year or six months. She noticed something was wrong, and immediately went to Huo Xiangu to inquire about the reason, and learned that her grandma had actually partnered with Jude Kao to resell the cultural relics. Huo Xiangu didn’t take this seriously. She only valued the benefits. On the contrary, Huo Xiuxiu really didn’t want to see all the national cultural relics fall into the hands of outsiders, so she obeyed Huo Xiangu on the surface, but actually went to Xie Yuchen for help.

As the day of shipment approached, Huo Xiuxiu transferred him while escorting the cultural relics. Several bodyguards who were in charge of guarding were also knocked out by Xie’s men. Huo Xiuxiu lied that Jason stole the cultural relics, but Huo Xiangu exposed the plot on the spot, claiming that she was not dead and it was not her turn to be the master of the house. Seeing her grandma so confused, Huo Xiuxiu couldn’t help refuting and refused to continue to be a puppet controlled by Jude Kao. Huo Xiangu slapped her in anger.

Chen Pi took the initiative to introduce that the three mountains in front of him are three dragon heads, which are very suitable for group burial. If the Eastern Xia imperial mausoleum is buried on a cliff, then the dragons on both sides are the burial of the queen and nearby officials. Wu Xie had heard of related rumors and also knew that the pattern of the three-headed dragon was very peculiar. There must be a passage between the dragon heads, otherwise they would become the three dragons flying to the sky, and the descendants hiding here would kill each other.

That night, everyone set up camp nearby. Wu Xie asked Chen Pi how the Dongxia people built the Genting Temple. After all, even if the Dongxia people were not completely extinct, it did not mean that the imperial tomb could be easily built. Chen Pi felt that if Wu Xie had not seen the mystery, he would not deserve to be the grandson of Wu Laogou, so Wu Xie’s only guess was that the Eastern Xia Emperor took the tomb as his own.

Chen Pi didn’t say much, nor did he explain about the snake eyebrow copper fish. Wu Xie repeatedly thought about the connection, and then couldn’t sleep, went out to chat with Jin Shunzi, but unexpectedly learned that he had never been deep into Changbai Mountain, and occasionally he would pick it up. Participate experience. As for why Jin Shunzi took the risk of being a guide, she also hoped to understand his father’s experience. Knowing that he was in Changbai Mountain but couldn’t see anyone, the feeling was very uncomfortable.

After a long journey, everyone finally came to the top of Longtou Mountain. They looked at the scenery before them breathlessly, and their mood followed with excitement. Zhang Qiling walked to the side without saying a word and bowed to the Three Saints Snow Mountain in the distance. His expressionless face showed a sad expression. Jin Shunzi took the opportunity to tell the story of the Three Sacred Mountains, and the Tianti Peak opposite it could directly reach the Genting Temple. Seeing that several people were chatting enthusiastically, Wu Xie took the initiative to come to Zhang Qiling, as extremely pious as a Miao Zhai.

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