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Summer Again 薄荷之夏 Episode 6 Recap

Tong Xixin’s dance is much simpler than before. Tao Zhu thinks Tong Xi is very powerful. Tong Xi said that she has foreign aid. She told her classmates that Tong’s mother helped her. The classmates admire Tong Xi. With such an excellent mother, Ni Xiaowan felt sad to see such an excellent Tong Xi.

Ni Xiaowan does not have a perfect family. When she went home to practice English listening in the evening, her drunk father looked down on her very much and asked her to go out to work and earn money. Ni Xiaowan felt very uncomfortable.

Tong Xi’s dancing skirt was lost. The classmates were chatting, and they wanted Tong Xi to be responsible for this incident. Tong Xi couldn’t help but yelled. This is not very similar to Tong Xi’s usual image. Zi froze. It was Lin Nan and Tong Xi who broke the siege. Tong Xi asked everyone to look around for help, but they couldn’t find it in many places. There was no way. They could only paint on school uniforms with paint. On the pattern, although the skirt was not perfect, they still successfully completed the performance. Tong Xi and Lin Nanyi cooperated very tacitly.

Through this performance, Tong Xi feels that she really likes dancing. In the drama club, Tao Zhu was cleaning up. Xu Ao came in at this time. Tao Zhu was particularly pleasantly surprised. Xu Ao saw Tao Zhu’s performance at the sports meeting. He was surprised that Tao Zhu had such a side. Xu Ao invited Tao Zhuxia Tao Zhu was very happy to act with him for the second time.

While Tao Zhu was reading the script, Wang Yiming came over. After taking away Tao Zhu’s script, Wang Yiming laughed at Tao Zhu and said that Tao Zhu was only responsible for sweeping the floor in the drama club. Tao Zhu was not very angry and arrested Wang Yiming’s gang. Yourself to the lines.

Today is Tong Da’s birthday. Tong Xi bought a birthday cake to see Tong Da. While Tong Da was cooking, Tong Xi was reading a book. She saw a page about her dreams. Tong Xi couldn’t help but remember her and In Teacher Xu’s conversation, Tong Xi said that she had been dancing at Tong Ma’s request. She didn’t know what her dream was, so Teacher Xu asked Tong Xi to think about it.

At this time, the meal is ready, Tong Xi will have dinner with Tong Dad. Tong Xi thanked Tong Dad. If it weren’t for Tong Da’s persuading Tong’s mother, Tong’s mother would not allow Tong Xi to sacrifice ballet time to practice waltz, but Tong Xi Still felt unfair. She felt that Tongma could not put her dreams on her. At this point, Tong Xi envied Tong Dad. Tong Dad always insisted on his writing dream and never gave up.
At this time the doorbell rang. After Tong Xi opened the door and found that it was Lin Nanyi, Tong Xi felt strange. I don’t know why Lin Nanyi came to Tong’s father’s house. Tong Xi said that Lin Nanyi was his reader. It seems that Tong Dad has known Lin Nanyi for a long time.

When Tong Xi and Tong Dad were washing the dishes, Tong Xi asked again how Tong Da and Lin Nanyi met. Tong Da said it was because of Tong Xi. After Tong Xi and Tong Ma left, Tong Da sat in the yard. It’s down, when Lin Nan came in the evening, but Tong Xi had already left. Since then, Lin Nanyi has often come to Tong Dad’s place. Tong Xi was surprised. After she left, she sent a letter to Lin Nanyi, but as soon as Lin Nan never returned her, Tong’s father explained that Lin Nan had moved to Mint Garden since then, and Tong Xi sent it there. It is estimated that he has not received it where Lin Nanyi lived before.

Tong Xi went to ask Lin Nanyi why he didn’t live with his parents and wanted to work and earn money by himself. Lin Nanyi didn’t tell the truth, and blocked Tong Xi’s mouth with a rhetorical question.
Qinghe has released a new manga again, and Tong Xi opened it with excitement, and found that it was her.

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