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Summer Again 薄荷之夏 Episode 5 Recap

When Ni Xiaowan danced, she always stepped on her partner. Ni Xiaowan went to Lin Nanyi and asked Lin Nanyi to be her dance partner. Lin Nanyi did not immediately agree, but just said to think about it. Ni Xiaowan asked Lin Nanyi why he didn’t before. When talking about Tong Xi, Lin Nanyi simply explained that Tong Xi had left Xihai a long time ago, and Lin Nanyi asked Ni Xiaowan to call her full name from then on. Ni Xiaowan was very sad. Ni Xiaowan’s family situation was not good.

At the time, when the school had to pay, Ni’s father was unwilling to give Ni Xiaowan money. After Ni Xiaowan came out of the house crying and met Lin Nanyi, Lin Nan gave Ni Xiaowan the money. Asking Ni Xiaowan to pay back, he asked Ni Xiaowan to copy her homework to himself. Ni Xiaowan and Lin Nanyi also had a happy time at the beginning, but Ni Xiaowan didn’t know how it became like this.

Because it was too difficult for Tong Xi to teach them to dance, the students complained about Tong Xi. Originally, Tong Xi had to agree to go to the team, but Lin Nan jumped out to support Tong Xi again, and Ni Xiaowan felt uncomfortable.

Because of school affairs, Tong Xi was always absent-minded when she went to Teacher Xu to learn to dance. Teacher Xu told her to tell her mother. After school, she found that her mother had already returned. She had settled accounts with Tong Xi. Yes, but after Tong Xi said the reason, Tong Ma softened her face again and helped Tong Xi modify the dance.

Mia found in the bookstore that Lin Nanyi was secretly practicing dancing, Mia didn’t understand. Now that Lin Nanyi had learned it, why didn’t she tell Tong Xi, Lin Nanyi smiled mysteriously, but said that it was not time yet.

Tong Ma helped Tong Xi change the new dance. Tong Xi wanted someone to try it out. After thinking about it, Tong Xi found that she could only ask Lin Nan for help. Tong Xi sent Lin Nan a message, Lin Nan. Nan Yi’s position is very familiar. After Tong Xi arrived, he discovered that this was the Mint Garden. Tong Xi didn’t understand why Lin Nan came here.

After Tong Xi arrived, Lin Nan hurriedly closed the door when he saw Tong Xi. He didn’t expect Tong Xi to come so fast. Lin Nan hurriedly hid the cartoon he drew. When the two of them were dancing together, Tong Xi She still thinks Lin Nan looks pretty, but she warned herself in her heart that as soon as Lin Nan settled Tong Xi’s previous account, Tong Xi said that when she left, Lin Nanyi didn’t come to send her off, so she was angry.

The misunderstanding between the two was also resolved, and the relationship became closer. Lin Nanyi took Tong Xi into the room. Because he helped Tong Xi a favor, he also asked Tong Xi to do himself a favor. Tong Xi told Lin Nanyi The room was quite interesting, but Lin Nan didn’t let her touch it. Lin Nanyi asked Tong Xi to be a model for himself. He planned to make a statue. After Tong Xi posed, Lin Nanyi kept talking. Suddenly he felt that Tong Xi had no voice anymore.

He looked back and found Tong Xi. Has fallen asleep.
Lin Nan was almost done painting, he walked to Tong Xi, he stretched out his hand to touch Tong Xi, but Tong Xi suddenly opened his eyes, and the atmosphere between the two of them froze. At this time, Tong Xi’s mobile phone rang, it was Tong’s mother. When the call came, Tong’s mother asked why Tong Xi hadn’t gone to class, and Tong Xi hurried out.

When Tong Xi came home at night, she thought for a long time, and dug out the fitting she buried under the tree. Inside was a photo of her and Lin Nanyi. Looking at the group photo, Tong Xi remembered what she had done before she left. Before she left Xihai, Tong Dad and Tong Ma had an argument. Tong Ma was angry to take Tong Xi away. Tong Xi went to tell Lin Nan to send her away. But when Lin Nan didn’t come, Tong Xi was sad, thinking that her feelings had not been rewarded. Thinking of Lin Nanyi, Tong Xi felt strange again. She didn’t know why Lin Nan lived alone, but she didn’t think much.

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