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Summer Again 薄荷之夏 Episode 4 Recap

When Ni Xiaowan, the monitor of Tong Xi’s class, came back, Tao Zhu was worried about Tong Xi and asked if Tong Xi had been closer to Lin Nan recently. Tong Xi denied it. Tao Zhu breathed a sigh of relief. Ni Xiaowan came back to give Tong Xi a special call. He said hello, but after seeing Lin Nanyi, he immediately rushed to Lin Nanyi and prepared a very expensive gift for Lin Nanyi. Tong Xi felt a little uncomfortable and asked Tao Zhu about the relationship between Lin Nanyi and Ni Xiaowan, Tao Zhu To say that Lin Nanyi and Ni Xiaowan were classmates since junior high school, Tong Xi was very disdainful in her heart. She had known Lin Nanyi for a longer time, but she did not show her discomfort.

Tao Zhu and Wang Yiming can see that Tong Xi and Lin Nan are not ordinary. Now that Ni Xiaowan is back, I am afraid it will be uneasy, but they both support Tong Xi. Because of today’s affairs, Tong Xi felt very uncomfortable. She sent a message to Qinghe as usual, but did not receive a response.

The Spring Games is coming soon. Ni Xiaowan is like everyone is soliciting ideas for the opening ceremony. Wang Yiming suggested that Tong Xi dance ballet. Ni Xiaowan felt that this was a collective project, so he rejected Wang Yiming’s proposal. Lin Nan proposed to let everyone vote at this time. , The whole class also supported voting, so Ni Xiaowan could only agree. After the voting results came out, everyone wanted Tong Xi to dance ballet, and Ni Xiaowan was very upset.

After school, Tao Zhu was very happy, because Ni Xiaowan was deflated. Tong Xi asked Tao Zhu if he hated Ni Xiaowan. Tao Zhu just felt that Ni Xiaowan was not real. Tong Xi was sad when she heard this. Untrue, she was a little afraid that she would be exposed.

Tong Xi had a dream at night. In the dream, Ni Xiaowan was waltzing with Lin Nan. Tong Xi was scared awake, but it also gave her inspiration. In order not to let her stand out on her own, she suggested to everyone that she could dance. Waltz, the students responded positively, and Tong Xi was very happy.
Tong Xi received a call from Hu Ting during get out of class. Hu Ting told Tong Xi that their ballet company had transferred a girl, and that girl was walking close to Wei Ze. Tong Xi was very sad. At this time Lin Nan came, Lin Nan signed up to dance the waltz, but Tong Xi refused, Lin Nan came to ask Tong Xi why he refused him, Tong Xi pushed Lin Nan away and ran away.

When Tong Xi returned to the classroom, Ni Xiaowan found her and said that she could sign up with Qin Keer. Tong Xi was thinking about this matter at night, but she suddenly thought about Wei Ze’s affairs. Tong Xi was very uncomfortable and wanted to see her right away. See Wei Ze, but if she went to see Wei Ze, she could only go when Lin Nan opened the signing ceremony. Tong Xi thought of this, so he hurried to send a message to Qinghe, urging Qinghe to develop the cloth meeting, Lin Nan As soon as he saw this, he called his person in charge.

When the line dance came, everyone was noisy, Tong Xi tried to teach everyone, but everyone did not learn to dance, then this action was a bit difficult for everyone, and Tong Xi felt a little sad.
When Tong Xi and Tong Dad went out for dinner, Tong Dad saw that Tong Xi was in a bad mood. He knew that Tong Xi was upset because of things at school. He solved Tong Xi. Tong Xi still had doubts about herself, but she still didn’t want to. give up.

In the evening, Tong Xi was thinking about how to change the dance to make it easier. The next day when Tong Xi and Tao Zhu were in the canteen, Tao Zhu saw Xu Ao, but Xu Ao couldn’t see Tao Zhu at all. Tao Zhu was sad, Tong Xi comforted Tao Zhu and said that Tao Zhu only needs to practice the dance well. , Will definitely leave an impression on Xu Ao.

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