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Lover or Stranger 陌生的恋人 Episode 5 Recap

While in Japan, Luo Qianyi secretly turned on Huo Youze’s cell phone while Huo Youze was asleep. She saw something in Huo Youze’s phone, her face was solemn, and she left the hotel overnight. After Huo Youze woke up the next morning, she found that Luo Qianyi was missing.

Time back to the present, Huo Youze went to A Chao and asked A Chao and Luo Qianyi to terminate the brokerage contract. Luo Qianyi’s violin class should also be stopped. He asked A Chao to notify Qi Fan not to come to class anymore, and said that he knew who Qi Fan was. He even said that A Chao had been using himself before. He used to care about Luo Qianyi, but now he doesn’t allow them to snatch Luo Qianyi away from him. Huo Youze continued to add that after Luo Qianyi recovers, he can’t stop him. Luo Qianyi signed a contract with A Chao, and A Chao had to agree.

Seeing the photos of her previous band, Luo Qianyi went to A Chao to ask about the previous band, and asked if he could contact the previous band members. However, A Chao said that he could not be contacted. Luo Qianyi asked if Qi Fan was in the past. Knowing yourself, otherwise why would you introduce yourself, A Chao said that he had discussed with Huo Youze, and decided to terminate the contract with Luo Qianyi. Luo Qianyi left the studio angrily. She didn’t find anyone following her behind her. Huo Youze’s subordinate Xiaoding was the person following Huo Youze. Huo Youze asked Xiaoding to follow Luo Qianyi.

Luo Qianyi went to Yuhang for help, showed the photo to Yuhang, and showed him where the location is in the photo. Yuhang casually said that he wanted to see Luo Qianyi’s performance, but Luo Qianyi said that she had forgotten how to play the violin. Yuhang looked at the photo. , I recognized that the place where Luo Qianyi performed before seemed to be in the Bar Street. Luo Qianyi went to the Bar Street to look for the bar in the photo. She accidentally discovered that someone was following her.

Luo Qianyi left the back door and threw Xiaoding away. In the evening, Luo Qianyi found the bar. The waiter at the bar also knew Luo Qianyi. Luo Qianyi did not say about her amnesia. She saw pictures of herself and Qi Fan on the wall, so she asked the host if she had contacted Qi Fan. Looking at Luo Qianyi with a puzzled look, she asked if she had broken up with Qi Fan.

After Xiaoding returned to the company, he was stopped by Sun Lei. Sun Lei checked Xiaoding’s mobile phone and found that Xiaoding was following Luo Qianyi. She asked Xiaoding to read it to herself before reporting to Huo Youze. Xiaoding reluctantly agreed. .

Huo Youze fell into memories looking at the photos Xiaoding sent to herself. When they were in Japan, Luo Qianyi saw the photos on Huo Youze’s phone and ran to the snowy mountain alone. Huo Youze chased the snowy mountain, but Luo Qianyi broke up with Huo Youze. Let him stop reluctantly, but Huo Youze refused to give up, saying that he was willing to start again with Luo Qianyi.

Back to the present, Luo Qianyi took away the photos of herself and Qi Fan. After she went home, she was a little wondering why Huo Youze didn’t ask where she went. Huo Youze said that when Luo Qianyi wanted to say something, she asked Huo Youze if she had done it before. Huo Youze denied the things I was sorry for him, saying that both of them have been very good. After dinner, Huo Youze went to the piano room for a drink and found the mug on the table.

He noticed something was wrong, and quickly turned on the computer to check the surveillance, and found that Luo Qianyi had sneaked something in the piano room and even eavesdropped on what he said. Huo Youze was so angry that she broke the mug and accidentally cut her hand. Luo Qianyi heard the movement and went downstairs to check. After seeing Huo Youze watching the surveillance, Luo Qianyi was so scared that she ran back to the room and locked the door. Huo Youze knocked outside.

At the door, Luo Qianyi said that he knew what happened to him and Qi Fan. Both were very excited. Luo Qianyi became more and more afraid and jumped out of the window and ran away in the rain. Huo Youze drove to catch up. Luo Qianyi called Yuhang for help. Yuhang only saw the message from Luo Qianyi after the operation.

Luo Qianyi accidentally fell, Huo Youze got out of the car and approached Luo Qianyi step by step. Luo Qianyi seemed to think of something, and said emotionally that it was Huo Youze who killed herself, and it was Huo Youze who pushed herself down on the snow-capped mountain. Huo Youze tried to appease Luo Qianyi, but the excited Luo Qianyi picked up the beer bottle on the side of the road to defend herself, and stabbed Huo Youze with beer bottle fragments as a weapon.

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