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Lover or Stranger 陌生的恋人 Episode 4 Recap

After listening to the nurse’s words, Luo Qianyi became suspicious of Yuhang. She waited until Yuhang got off work and followed him all the way. She also saw Yuhang go to the flower shop to buy flowers. Yuhang said that she did not go home beforehand and asked her boss to send the flowers to herself first. Home. Luo Qianyi suspected that Yuhang was the Mr. Lavender who had been sending letters to herself. After Yuhang left, Luo Qianyi entered the flower shop and asked the owner of the florist if there was any lavender for sale.

She also made an excuse to thank Yuhang and asked the boss to send a bunch of flowers to Yuhang. And write “the old place, see or leave” on the message card. Luo Qianyi followed the boss to find Yuhang’s home. She rang the doorbell, but no one answered. Luo Qianyi looked at the door lock and took off the hairpin on her head. After some operations, Luo Qianyi used her card to open the Yuhang home. Luo Qianyi was very surprised that she still possessed the skill of picking locks.

Luo Qianyi inspected the astronauts and found an astronomical telescope on the balcony of the astronauts. The direction of the telescope was Luo Qianyi’s house. When Luo Qianyi was about to leave, Yuhang suddenly came back. Luo Qianyi accidentally made a movement, and Yuhang was holding a skateboard. As a weapon, Luo Qianyi hurried out. Luo Qianyi used a small stone to make a movement to divert Yuhang away. When he was able to escape immediately, Luo Qianyi stepped on Yuhang’s skateboard and fell down.

Fortunately, Luo Qianyi didn’t have any serious problems. She began to ask Yuhang if it was Mr. Lavender who had sent the message to herself. Yuhang said that she did not know that the astronomical telescope in the room was used to watch the moon. It was a coincidence that Luo Qianyi was saved yesterday. Luo Qianyi knew that she had misunderstood Luo Qianyi.

Yuhang saw Luo Qianyi apologize and kindly forgave her, and then asked her why she didn’t ask her family for help. Luo Qianyi said that she had lost her memory. Now this fiance doesn’t know whether it’s true or not. Yuhang has some sympathy for Luo Qianyi. She promised that Luo Qianyi could ask her for help in the future, and she also reminded her not to touch sesame seeds. She is very allergic to sesame seeds.

Huo Youxi and Li Lei met. Huo Youxi was a little dissatisfied with Luo Qianyi and felt that Huo Youze had paid too much to Luo Qianyi. Seeing that the relationship between Luo Qianyi and Huo Youze was a bit strange, she urged Li Lei to take the opportunity to pursue Huo Youze. Li Lei did not agree on the surface, but There seems to be some thoughts in my heart.

After Luo Qianyi went home, he played a game with Huo Youxi, and asked if Huo Youxi used to cook by herself at home. Huo Youxi said that before Huo Youze used his ten fingers to not touch the spring water, and Luo Qianyi was like that, there must be a lot of things Huo Youze didn’t know. Luo Qianyi was a little puzzled, but Huo Youxi asked Luo Qianyi whether she loved Huo Youxi or not. If she didn’t love it, let it go. This would be good for everyone. Luo Qianyi said that she had to wait for her memory to be restored before answering this question. Luo Qianyi asked her what she was like before. Huo Youxi took the opportunity to talk about his previous dissatisfaction with Luo Qianyi, and said that Luo Qianyi used to be very fake.

The next morning, Qi Fan came to give Luo Qianyi a violin lesson. Huo Youze saw Qi Fan coming home through surveillance. Huo Youze’s face was very ugly, but Huo Youxi saw Qi Fan at home, but Qi Fan became a nympho. During class, Luo Qianyi asked if Qi Fan had known herself before. Qi Fan said that Luo Qianyi was very famous and she was a fan of her. While talking, Huo Youze specially came to see them in class in order to see Qi Fan. Luo Qianyi took a few classes. There is no progress.

Luo Qianyi practiced alone at home, while Huo Youxi went to walk the dog, and saw Qi Fan sitting alone in the cafe with a bit of pain. After Huo Youze returned home, she once again mentioned to Luo Qianyi not to worry about practicing piano. Luo Qianyi felt that Huo Youze always prevented her from practicing. There must be something to hide from her. She went to the piano room to check and found a locked cabinet. When she was about to unlock the lock, Luo Qianyi found a pinhole camera.

She pretended to leave without incident. At night, she blocked the camera with a cup and pried the lock. As soon as she got a hard drive, Huo Youze entered the piano room, and Luo Qianyi hurriedly hid. I got up and overheard Huo Youze had been apologizing, saying that he shouldn’t force Luo Qianyi, but then said Luo Qianyi should listen to her own words. Luo Qianyi became a little scared.

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