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Lover or Stranger 陌生的恋人 Episode 3 Recap

Huo Youze heard the familiar violin sound and went home and found that Luo Qianyi had invited the violin teacher Qi Fan to teach herself to play the violin, and wanted to restore his memory. However, Huo Youze looked at Qi Fan hostilely, excusing Luo Qianyi’s body as not recovering. It was not suitable to practice piano, so Qi Fan was driven away. After Qi Fan left, Huo Youze lost his temper at Luo Qianyi and asked why Luo Qianyi had sneaked out and brought a complete stranger into the house.

Luo Qianyi asked herself why he could not do this, saying that Huo Youze could not control herself and Luo Qianyi wanted to leave. However, Huo Youze pulled her back. Luo Qianyi was a little scared, so she took the knife at hand to protect herself, saying that she didn’t want to live with Huo Youze. She asked Huo Youze why he didn’t tell her anything, and she didn’t tell herself anything. Is this really her own home? Huo Youze comforted Luo Qianyi, saying that she had done something wrong and asked her to put the knife down. She would tell her everything she wanted to know.

Huo Youze took Luo Qianyi to the piano room. Luo Qianyi looked at the photos and trophies in the piano room and asked Huo Youze why these things were locked. Huo Youze said that she was very scared. For him, even though Luo Qianyi was standing in front of him, She didn’t remember anything. She didn’t remember their past. He seemed to have lost his fiancée. He had made a lot of preparations for the wedding, designed the wedding, and booked the wedding dress, but now he can’t realize it.

Huo Youze finished this. Then, Luo Qianyi was a little guilty, but Huo Youze said that whether she remembered it or not, he didn’t want to put her under the slightest pressure. He could start again with her, but was afraid that Luo Qianyi would not choose herself this time. Luo Qianyi said that even if she is his fiancée, even if she gets married in the future, doesn’t she have the right to leave Huo Youze? Huo Youze did not answer.

The two had a good chat. Huo Youze agreed not to lock the door anymore, and also agreed that Luo Qianyi could restore his memory by learning the violin. Huo Youze also bought Luo Qianyi a mobile phone, saying that he would not get lost when he went out. After the two chatted, Luo Qianyi no longer had nightmares. The next day Luo Qianyi went to Sun Leina to pick up Mozart. After a short time together, Luo Qianyi was not afraid of Mozart anymore. After returning at noon, she practiced piano with Qi Fan again. Huo Youze thought Although not happy, but still keep their promise to let them continue to practice.

In the evening, Huo Youze personally cooked the noodles. Luo Qianyi returned to the room after eating. Lavender appeared in the room again. Luo Qianyi went out for a while and suddenly fainted on the ground. After she was sent to the hospital, the doctor Yuhang told her that she had just I was in anaphylactic shock. I asked her if she had been exposed to an allergen without knowing it. Luo Qianyi wanted to ask something. Huo Youze came to the hospital and took Luo Qianyi away. Luo Qianyi’s face was very bad, Huo Youze explained that it was true before.

This kind of thing had never happened before. After returning home, Luo Qianyi asked him if he was his fiancé. Why didn’t he even know about his allergies. Huo Youze was about to say something. When the two heard Mozart’s cry, it seemed that there was someone in the living room. Huo Youze stepped forward to check and found that Huo Youxi ran back. Huo Youze didn’t seem to want Huo Youxi to come back. Without saying a few words, he urged her to return to the UK to continue studying.

The next day Luo Qianyi went to the hospital to find Yuhang, and wanted to know who sent her to the hospital. Yuhang said that the person who sent her to the hospital put her down and left. Luo Qianyi was unwilling to find another nurse to ask. It was Yuhang who came to the hospital by himself.

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