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Lover or Stranger 陌生的恋人 Episode 2 Recap

Huo Youze once introduced the violinist Francois to Luo Qianyi, and François threw an olive branch to Luo Qianyi and invited her to participate in her performance. But now Luo Qianyi has forgotten how to play the violin. Luo Qianyi woke up from the nightmare of the snow-capped mountains again, and once again received the mysterious message with lavender in it. The note asked Luo Qianyi to meet at the same place at ten o’clock. Luo Qianyi looked at the lavender and remembered the coffee beans at home.

With the same pattern, she ran downstairs and found that the door was locked, so she went back to the room and jumped out of the window to escape. She asked along the way and found a cafe with a lavender pattern. She sat down and wanted to wait for the mysterious person to appear, but she waited. It was Huo Youze, Luo Qianyi was a little nervous, and quickly put away the note.

Luo Qianyi did not reveal the matter about the note, only that she wanted to go out alone. Huo Youze asked her if she had an appointment. Luo Qianyi was a little angry, saying that she didn’t remember anything and didn’t know anyone. Who could meet It. On the way back, Luo Qianyi accused Huo Youze of stalking herself, but Huo Youze said that she left home quietly. As a fiancé, shouldn’t you worry about herself? Huo Youze assured her that she would accompany her wherever she wanted to go in the future, but don’t After the game disappeared, the two ran into Luo Qianyi’s manager A Chao at the door.

Through A Chao, Luo Qianyi knew that she used to be a violinist. She blamed Huo Youze for not telling herself such important things, and the family also had a little bit of it. There were no traces of the violin. Huo Youze said that he didn’t want to put too much pressure on Luo Qianyi. He wanted Luo Qianyi to restore her memory step by step, but A Chao said that Luo Qianyi should be touched, maybe he could remember it.

Huo Youze reluctantly took the two to the storage room. The storage room contained all the violins that Luo Qianyi had used before, including the violin that Huo Youze bought for one million. A Chao made the violin. Put it into Luo Qianyi’s hand and let her have a try. Luo Qianyi barely pulled twice, but only made an unpleasant sound of sawing wood. Huo Youze drove Achao out, saying that Luo Qianyi could not come back in a short time. Achao was very disappointed.

As a classical music agent, Luo Qianyi is a rare genius. Now Luo Qianyi has amnesia and his career has also suffered. Huo Youze said that A Chao is just an agent. Luo Qianyi has the current position, and he holds it up. A Chao said that Huo Youze’s approach was not love at all, but possession. Luo Qianyi felt uncomfortable after hearing the conversation between the two.

During the meal, Luo Qianyi offered to go out to buy groceries by herself. Huo Youze ignored her. Luo Qianyi rushed to the storage room to play the violin to retrieve her memory. Huo Youze stopped, or she said that she should restore her memory step by step. Huo Youze received a work call. He had to go out, and Luo Qianyi took this opportunity to sneak out to find A Chao, wanting to know what she was like before. Mr. Li, who Huo Youze went to meet, liked Luo Qianyi’s performance very much.

He also asked Huo Youze when he could see Luo Qianyi’s performance. Huo Youze talked about Luo Qianyi’s memory loss. Manager Li was very disappointed. There was no Luo Qianyi’s performance. It is also difficult to sponsor the event as easily as before. Mr. Li said that he is Luo Qianyi’s number one fan, and he will still help. After Huo Youze returned home, he heard the familiar sound of the piano.

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