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Lover or Stranger 陌生的恋人 Episode 1 Recap

One rainy night, Luo Qianyi’s face was pale, and she stumbled on the street in the heavy rain, as if she was escaping from someone. Behind her, Huo Youze drove and followed her slowly, and after a while, Huo Youze got out of the car and wanted to get closer to Luo Qianyi. Luo Qianyi was very excited. She picked up the bottle on the ground to defend herself, and told Huo Youze not to come over. Huo Youze stepped forward, and Luo Qianyi stabbed Huo Youze with excitement.

Back to the time when the two traveled to Japan, the two encountered an avalanche while climbing the mountain. Huo Youze suffered only minor injuries, but Luo Qianyi was seriously injured, her face and vocal cords were severely damaged, and her memory was lost. The doctor told Huo Youze, The hospital plans to restore Luo Qianyi to her original appearance through remodeling operations. Luo Qianyi is a violinist and the fiancee of Mingyou Group CEO Huo Youze.

The two met on a rainy night. Huo Youze met Luo Qianyi by chance and gave her an umbrella. He also went to the bar to watch Luo Qianyi’s performance. He was performed by Luo Qianyi. Deeply attracted, after the performance, the two of them walked and talked, and they also found a injured puppy on the side of the road. Huo Youze kindly adopted the puppy, and Luo Qianyi named the puppy Mozart.

Huo Youze recalled the past that the two had met, and looked at Luo Qianyi who was seriously injured in the bed and felt very uncomfortable. When the two traveled in Hokkaido, Luo Qianyi saw a guqin in a violin shop. Huo Youze saw that Luo Qianyi liked the guqin so much, so he persuaded the boss to sell the piano to him, and also proposed to Luo Qianyi with the piano. Luo Qianyi was very moved. He agreed to Huo Youze’s proposal on the spot. Luo Qianyi was seriously injured as soon as the two signed a marriage contract, and Huo Youze decided that Luo Qianyi must be cured.

Six months later, the doctor removed the stitches for Luo Qianyi. Luo Qianyi looked at herself in the mirror with a confused expression. When she looked at Huo Youze, her eyes were very strange. Seeing that Luo Qianyi had recovered completely, Huo Youze returned to China with her. . Huo Youze took Luo Qianyi back home. Luo Qianyi couldn’t remember anything. Huo Youze took Luo Qianyi to get acquainted with the room and let her rest. After Huo Youze left, Luo Qianyi quietly breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the furnishings in the room.

Luo Qianyi accidentally slipped and fell while taking a bath. After hearing the movement, Huo Youze hurried to the bathroom to check on Luo Qianyi’s condition, treated her wounds, and helped her find shower gel and shampoo. Luo Qianyi went around looking for food after the bath, but accidentally He found that Huo Youze came out of a room. When he was familiar with the room, Huo Youze said that it was a utility room and he had locked it. Now he came out of that room again. Luo Qianyi didn’t know what Huo Youxi had hidden from him.

Luo Qianyi fell asleep suspiciously, but suddenly received a mysterious message the next morning. The note asked Luo Qianyi if she was embarrassed by Huo Youze and asked her to meet in the old place. When Luo Qianyi was wondering, Huo Youze knocked on the door. Luo Qianyi had breakfast together. As soon as the two of them went downstairs, Huo Youze’s assistant Sun Lei brought Mozart to him. Not only did Luo Qianyi didn’t think of anything, she was especially afraid of Mozart. Upon seeing this, Huo Youze asked Sun Lei to help raise Mozart for a while.

When the two had breakfast, Luo Qianyi talked about having a nightmare, and asked Huo Youze what happened to them on the snowy mountain and if they met someone. Huo Youze refused to say anything, and kept asking Luo Qianyi whether it was really just A nightmare, Luo Qianyi was a little impatient when asked, saying that she didn’t remember clearly, and she wanted to go out, Huo Youze didn’t seem to want her to go out, so she bought the game console Luo Qianyi wanted and left her at home. .

Luo Qianyi played games for a while, and saw that Huo Youze was not there, so she wanted to go to the utility room, but Huo Youze stopped her. After Luo Qianyi returned to the room, looking at the note that appeared in the morning, he was guessing where the old place was, but Huo Youze was worried that Luo Qianyi would sneak away and locked the door of the house.

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