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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 17 Recap

After returning to the hospital, Ma Tianming faced Bai Julie’s questioning and could no longer control his emotions. He said that Hengshan Hospital is not Hengshan Prison, and he has the right to enjoy the rest day, and there is no need to report to her whereabouts at any time. It happened that Lin Jingshan passed by and witnessed the whole process. Seeing Ma Tianming angrily walked into the building, she went to Bai Julie to inquire about the situation, and she learned that Ma Tianming was likely to be a dual personality. Unexpectedly, Ma Tianming heard the conversation between the two and turned around. Yelled retort.

Now that money and wealth are lost, especially the whereabouts of his younger brother is unknown, Ma Tianming feels desperate, so he drank to Cai Likun, and kept talking about his guilt for Ma Tianliang, and almost exposed himself in front of Tao Chengkai, claiming that he was not a doctor at all. Upon seeing this, Cai Likun quickly explained, claiming that Ma Tianming was nonsense, and Tao Chengkai was thoughtful, and induced Ma Tianming to say everything in his heart. Fortunately, Ma Tianming lost control for a short time and did not continue. Lin Jingshan appeared in time to give Ma Tianming a calm injection, which did not reveal her identity.

The director ended Xue Ning’s vacation and let him continue to investigate Ma Tianliang’s case. Xue Ning was worried that he would not be able to act as a social representative. The director ordered him to release news about the convoy being attacked. As for the detective Wu, he fought hard to resist being knocked out because of the outnumbered, which led to the abduction of Ma Tianliang.

Therefore, this matter can be big or small, and the director asked Xue Ning to find out who took Ma Tianliang and the identity of the ghost in the house as soon as possible. On the other side, Detective Wu met with boss Ding’s men, but was teased that he had become a hero in the patrol room. Approaching the evening, Xue Ning learned from the gambler that Tanmu Wu had been in close contact with Chengshe recently.

Ding Siye threatened Ma Tianliang to tell me where Ma Tianming was hiding, but Ma Tianliang offered an equivalent exchange, saying that if he was still alive, his eldest brother would not act rashly, but if he learned that he was killed, he would definitely go to the patrol room and surrender. Will reveal something about the ghost face man. Ding Siye was angry when he heard the words, and immediately ordered his men to throw Ma Tianliang into the river to feed the fish.

Cai Likun read a poem to Zhu Tiande again, and found that Zhu Tiande opened his eyes gradually, so he hurriedly told the news of the Red Army, but the other party blinked excitedly. At the same time, Dean Su discovered that the donations in the safe had been stolen and immediately called the police.

Bai Julie accompanied Cai Likun in the ward. Ma Tianming came over to apologize for what happened yesterday, and said that he has completely recovered. Cai Likun will never be slapped in his treatment in the future. Cai Likun was finally relieved when she heard this sentence. Xue Ning took the initiative to go to the hospital to understand the situation, and found that the hospital had lifted Cai Likun’s foot restraint, so he warned Ma Tianming not to mess around.

Detective Wu found the gambler and used money to bribe him to help him investigate Niu Er’s whereabouts. However, not long after the incident, the gambling ghost was arrested by Xue Ning and had to explain to Wu Tanmu asking him to help him find someone. Xue Ning promised to avoid gambling ghosts causing trouble to the upper body, but the premise is to let him find Niu Er before letting him know.

Tao Chengkai personally led people to nail all the vents of the small western-style building on the grounds that the hospital was causing rats. As the vents were sealed, Cai Likun could not enter the Xiaoyang Mansion, and Zhu Tiande’s treatment was once again deadlocked. Ma Tianming learned of Cai Likun’s rescue of him, and was very grateful for it.

In the days that followed, Hengshan Hospital ushered in a difficult master. This person was Commander Mei introduced by Chen Zhengyuan’s student. It is said that he was going to rest here for a while. Chen Zhengyuan offered all kinds of courtesy to Commander Mei, but the other party made more excessive demands. Not only did the hospital arrange a double-bed suite for him, but he also called the three aunts to the hospital to accompany him. It happened that Ma Tianming passed by the door and listened to the general situation.

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