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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 16 Recap

Cai Likun found out about the pot from the Count of Monte Cristo, and Ma Tianming hurried to the ward to read to Zhu Tiande, but he repeated it again and again, without any effect. On the contrary, Li Quan heard the sound outside the door and felt that it was abnormal. He simply walked in. Ma Tianming immediately retracted his anxious appearance, pretending to be calm and calm, indicating that he needs to read more in the troubled times.

Cai Likun guessed that Zhu Tiande had Monte Cristo syndrome and was now in a false coma. Although he was conscious, he was unable to move. Qu Rusen found that Cai Likun and Ma Tianming were very close, and often read the advertisements in the newspaper, so he deliberately came forward to strike up a conversation and tentatively talked, but he did not expect that Cai Likun would still fool around pretending to be foolish.

Niu Er continued to call to urge money. Ma Tianming had no better way, so he decided to let Ali go with him to steal the deposits in Dean Su’s safe. Ali reminded Ma Tianming not to use the donation money, but Ma Tianming had to have this idea in order to save his brother. Seeing Ma Tianming leave in anger, Ali hurriedly chased him, unexpectedly saw him being dragged into the car by several men in black.

Ali couldn’t catch up with the car, so he turned around and went to Cai Likun for help, claiming that a man in black ridiculed Ma Tianming as a counterfeit. Because of what Ali said, Cai Likun realized that Ma Tianming’s identity was exposed. I am afraid that he is very dangerous now. If it were the Kuomintang, there would be at least a glimmer of life. If he fell into the hands of Ding Siye, he would be dead now. .

Knowing that Ma Tianming was kidnapped, Cai Likun asked Ali to go back and wait for the news, and he would solve it himself. Then he found the Chunlai Tea Shop through an advertisement and saw Tian Chujun and others. Cai Likun reported Zhu Tiande’s affairs to Tian Chujun, and also mentioned Ma Tianming. Even if he did not fully trust Ma Tianming, he was at least sure that he was on his side. It is a pity that Tian Chujun disagrees with taking risks to save people, and then conveys good news to Cai Likun, that is, the Chinese Red Army will successfully join forces in northern Shaanxi.

At the same time, Ma Tianming discovered that the car had been driven to the outskirts. He was worried that the other party would kill him, and kept yelling at the joint signal Zhang Baoshan had told him, trying to save his life. After the Communist Party responsible for the kidnapping of Ma Tianming confirmed his identity, it simply sent him back and threatened him to keep the matter secret.

Qu Rusen spread the news of Cai Likun’s disappearance, and Chen Zhengyuan informed all the medical staff of the hospital to search everywhere, and finally found him in the ward of the boss of Silk Shangge. Cai Likun lied that he wanted to learn more about silk and see if he could awaken his memory. Qu Rusen didn’t believe what he said and sent someone to investigate Boss Ge in private.

That night, when Ma Tianming was stealing money, he vaguely saw another himself standing at the door, persuading him not to do anything wrong, but the two Ma Tianming actually quarreled about it. Ma Tianming gave the money to Ali and asked him to pick Ma Tianming out of Shanghai tomorrow, and promised that after Ma Tianming was safe, they would find a way to return the money to Dean Su.

The next morning, Ma Tianming came to the previously scheduled place to meet Niu Er. After Ali confirmed the authenticity of Ma Tianming, he gave the money to the other party. Tanmu Wu brought Ma Tianliang to the appointment and asked to take the money before releasing the people. He did not expect that Xue Ning suddenly showed up with someone, but was beaten by Tanmu Wu.

While the two groups were confronting each other, another group quickly snatched Ma Tianliang away. Ma Tianming asked Ali to chase Niu Er to get the money back, while he stayed to investigate the news. Xue Ning was almost shot, but fortunately, Ma Tianming rescued him in time and Xue Ning was able to survive. Nian Zai Ma Tianming saved himself, but Xue Ning let him go for the time being.

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