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The Lost Tomb 2: Explore With the Note 云顶天宫 Episode 6 Recap

Wu Xie met Pan Zi at the inn, and learned from Pan Zi that Wu Sanshen had gone to fight back. Because of the snow in the last three days, she couldn’t find a suitable guide, so Wu Xie had to wait until the snow stopped and went into the mountain. . The two of them were bored and went to the mountain to play in the snow. Wu Xie slipped and fell from the mountain. Fortunately, Fatty Wang grabbed his hand and didn’t fall off the cliff, but the two of them were hanging on the edge of the cliff and couldn’t get out, so they had to speak loudly. Call for help.

Chen Pi Asi appeared and saved the lives of Wu Xie and Wang Fatty, reminding them that no one can go to the Eastern Xia imperial tomb where they are going this time, but Wu Sanshen finds his own help, so he has to mention two things. People, Wu Xie was confused about the matter with the Eastern Xia imperial mausoleum. Chen Pi mistakenly thought that they had no guts and walked away impatiently.

Wu Xie and Fatty Wang followed Chen Pi and saw that Chen Pi was very well prepared this time, and brought their apprentices to Changbai Mountain. Wu Xie thought that Wang Zanghai always liked to change other people’s cemeteries. It is impossible for two magnificent tombs to appear at the same time under Changbai Mountain. It is very likely that Genting Tiangong is the same place as the Dongxia Emperor’s Mausoleum. Perhaps the clues that Chenpi knows are officially they don’t know.

Yes, when Fatty Wang saw that Uncle Hai was following Jude Kao’s team, he originally planned to go to Dunhua to get preparations. Uncle Hai’s defiance meant that everyone had no place to get the equipment. The two decided to follow everyone after discussing it. The established route of the three provinces is to first go to Lizi Village, Baihe, Erdaogou. Now they cannot go to Lizi Village temporarily due to the weather. The two decided to follow Chenpi.

Wu Xie and Fatty Wang approached Chen Pi’s apprentices, and the apprentices deliberately moved them away and went into the room to discuss matters. Fatty Wang saw their intentions and dragged Wu Xie to chat outside. At this time, a team of motorcades came, Jason got out of the car, and directly asked Wu Xie for a map. Fatty Wang was not used to Jason’s attitude. The two sides were at war. Fortunately, Aning appeared to remind him to stop Jason, and the fight was put to rest. .

The tangerine peel in the house heard the movement and knew that Aning had come forward to calm the struggle, so he could drink tea at ease. Wu Xie and Fatty Wang walked into the room to find everyone to play cards, and Chen Pi appeared calm.

The driver Da Shan found the guide Shun Zi for Wu Xie and Fat Wang. Shun Zi’s father was a ginseng picker. Wu Xie and Fat Wang went to Shun Zi’s house and found that Shun Zi looked exactly like the lost father Shun Zi. Back again and again. Fortunately, Uncle Da Shan appeared in time to recommend each other. Wu Xie was anxious to enter the mountain. Shunzi mentioned that these days are the days when the goddess of Snow Mountain is angry. This is when Zhang Qiling appeared and reminded everyone that there will be blizzards in these two days, and Wu Xie gave up. The idea of ​​mountain.

On the way, Shunzi sent Wu Xie and others back to the Changbai Mountain Inn, mentioning that his father had brought a team of archaeological teams into the mountain in the past few years, and it was because of a snowstorm that he had no return. Wu Xie and others believed the local people’s sayings and stayed in the inn to rest, but Jason was eager to take everyone into the mountain. Even Aning stopped him.

It was foggy outside, but Aning packed up his equipment and went out. Wu Xie was worried about Aning’s safety and could not sleep at night, so he quietly found the room to look for Aning, walking in the snow with one foot high and one low. Judekao contacted Huo Xiangu, the head of the Huo family, and wanted to cooperate with the Huo family, and mentioned using the Wu Sansheng secret as a bargaining chip. After hearing this, Huo Xiangu agreed to cooperate.

Xie Yuchen helped Wu Xie find you Wu Sanshen. The robes were very confused about Xie Yuchen’s behavior. He thought that Xie’s family was too busy at the moment and there was no need to help Wu Xie. Xie Yuchen saw words about Wu Sansheng and Xie Lianhuan written on the wall, and asked the robes to find out who was instigating the separation. The team led by Jason encountered a monster in the dark. What was even more frightening was that it was attacked by the monster. His men were killed on the spot, and the timid people suddenly retreated.

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