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The Lost Tomb 2: Explore With the Note 云顶天宫 Episode 5 Recap

In the sleeper compartment of the green leather train, in addition to Wu Xie and Fatty Wang who were traveling together, there was also a middle-aged man with sunglasses. Fatty Wang felt that this person was too high-minded and had no affection for him at all. He didn’t know that the person in front of him was Chen Pi Asi.

After the train ran for a while, Wu Xie couldn’t stand the noise of Fatty Wang anymore, so he just got up and went to the aisle to answer the phone, and even Chen Pi left silently. As a result, not long after the two got out of the car, Fatty Wang immediately took out his headphones, especially when he heard Jude Kao’s instructions, his face clearly showed disgust, but he had to take pictures of dragon veins for each other.

Long before this, Fatty Wang was boring while guarding the antique shop. The guest Lao Yu took the initiative to come to the door, holding Tang Yin’s original paintings in his arms, claiming to be a family member who was ill and was in dire need of life-saving money. Seeing that Lao Yu was loyal and honest, and that this painting was really rare, Wang Fatzi was willing to find a buyer for him and act as an intermediary.

No matter what the agreement was negotiated in advance, the buyer unexpectedly changed his mind and asked Fatty Wang to use the store as a guarantee, otherwise he would not dare to easily pay the deposit. Fatty Wang wanted to facilitate this sale, so he signed the guarantee contract, unexpectedly falling into Jude Kao’s trap. Since that day, Lao Yu has disappeared for no reason, Jude Kao threatened Fatty Wang to approach Wu Xie with a shop, reporting his situation at any time.

Until now, Wu Xie is still kept in the dark. He answered Aning’s call in the aisle and learned that Jason was about to go to Changbai Mountain and sent his subordinates to pretend to be police officers to set up guards at stations along the road. Originally Wu Xie didn’t take this seriously, but when he saw a few suspicious-looking men coming from both sides of the carriage, it suddenly dawned on him. On the contrary, Fatty Wang remembered what he had done, and looked at Wu Xie who was asleep, feeling guilty.

Jason thinks that the company has not left much time for them, and there has not yet been the whereabouts of the Bronze Fish. He really does not understand why Jude Kao is still in the mood to deal with Fatty Wang and others. However, Jude Kao was far more composure than Jason. He knew that Genting Temple was dangerous. Only the experienced Wu family could take the lead in order to collect the fruits of victory later.

Under the instruction of Xie Yuchen, the robes deliberately went to the bar to make trouble for Jason, and solved the opponent’s subordinates in two or two ways. When Jason woke up, he found that Xie Yuchen was sitting on the opposite side. He opened the door and asked him to go to Changbai Mountain to retrieve the snake eyebrow copper fish, and get the information of the Xisha seabed tomb and the archaeological team. Jason was worried that it would attract the attention of the police, and Xie Yuchen promised to help him deal with these matters and can continue to stay in the country to complete the task.

Jude Kao was always worried about Changbai Mountain, so he told Aning to find Wu Xie. At the same time, Wu Xie found that two plainclothes policemen were looking for someone with a photo, and they ran back to the car without saying anything. With the help of Chen Pi, they managed to escape. After arriving at the end point, the three of them drove to Changbai Mountain Inn according to the address. Uncle Hai was unexpectedly here.

Through some understanding, Wu Xie learned that Uncle Hai had come to be a consultant, and was surprised that the man with sunglasses on the train was actually S uncle. Fatty Wang and Wu Xie hurriedly went upstairs to apologize to Chen Pi, but the rumored him was different from reality, and his eyes were not blind at all.

Jason, Aning and others came to the inn one after another, appearing in two groups respectively. Wu Xie advised Pan Zi at the inn, and heard from him that Wu Sanxing had set out to fight. Due to the continuous snowing in the last three days, it is difficult to find a suitable guide. Wu Xie and Fatty Wang had nothing to do. They simply had a snowball fight on the mountain and almost fell into the cliff.

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