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The Lost Tomb 2: Explore With the Note 云顶天宫 Episode 4 Recap

According to the secret road map of the underground palace drawn by Elder Kwaxiong himself, the Audio-Technica successfully found the black crystal hole. At first, I didn’t think there was any problem, but the more I walked in, the more I felt exhausted, and even hallucinations gradually appeared, resulting in no sense of the five senses. Even Zhang Qiling suffered from it and couldn’t hold on for long.

Repeatedly several times, the three of them were unable to restrain the influence of the surrounding magnetic field. They suffered every step they took. In the end they almost lost their strength and could only crawl forward. Just when they were completely lost and unable to do anything about it, Fatty Wang managed to escape from the illusion and accidentally picked up the scepter left by Elder Kwaxiong. Because the bronze on the scepter contains a lot of radioactive materials, it has the effect of deceiving people’s minds. .

Fatty Wang was quick-sighted and took the wooden box next to the stone pier, unexpectedly triggering the mechanism. Fortunately, the three of them escaped before the cave collapsed, but Zhang Qiling mysteriously disappeared, just like his previous style.

Before Wu Xie carefully studied the secrets in the wooden box, I saw Dang Mang running from a distance with his tribe and shooting several rockets at him and Fat Wang. The originally kind and simple people of the tribe were all angry at this time. Fatty Wang didn’t know what to do, and he really couldn’t figure out why the attitude of the other party had changed so much.

At the critical moment, several off-road vehicles drove up quickly, Aning appeared in front of everyone, and ordered his men to throw smoke bombs like the group of people. However, after half a time, the people fell to the ground one after another, even Wu Xie and Wang Fatty were not spared.

Fortunately, the smoke bomb does not cause much harm to the human body, and can wake up after a short rest. Aning’s meticulous care of Wu Xie is nothing but an illusion of warmth. Jude Kao took the initiative to send a video call to cooperate with Wu Xie, but was rejected.

Wu Xie learned that Aning had been instructed by Jude Kao to rescue herself, so she was so angry that she immediately hung up the video and drove her away. At this time, Wu Sanxing asked Wu Xie to live in Sanxing and explained his intentions straight to the point, hoping that Wu Xie would go to the Genting Temple with him.

Seeing Wu Sansheng’s war silk book on the bright side, Wu Xie did not hesitate to agree, but Wu Sansheng did not expect him to be so happy. In fact, Jude Kao had previously reminded Wu Xie to beware of his third uncle, and at the same time told about the Genting Temple, guessing that the three provinces of Wu would send an invitation to his nephew.

Knowing that the turmoil ahead is destined to continue, Wu Xie decided to take the plunge, wanting to understand the true purpose of Wu Sanxing. At the same time, Wu Sanxing tried to borrow the snake-brow copper fish from Xie Yuchen by playing a family card, but he underestimated his understanding of the Yuchen’s resourcefulness of the city, but was dismantled on the spot by the other party.

Xie Yuchen cares about Wu Xie’s face and no longer cares about Wu Sanxing’s clumsy lies. After all, he and his uncle are both brothers, and their behaviors are quite different. It was exactly what Xie Yuchen said that the two uncles and nephews were completely torn apart.

As soon as Wu Sanxing left, Xie Yuchen immediately received the news that the snake eyebrow bronze fish kept in the handicap had been stolen. Through surveillance video observation, it is not difficult to find that the thief was Chen Piasi, especially after getting the things, he deliberately smiled provocatively at the camera.

Although Xie Yuchen was the most outstanding among the juniors, he still neglected Wu Sansheng’s ingenious calculations and finally fell into the hands of the opponent. Before leaving, Wu Xie specially communicated the video with Xie Yuchen to comfort him not to worry too much.

Aning knew that Wu Xie had an opinion on her, but he considered it again and again, or sent out a miniature earphone so that Wu Xie could use it for filming and communication. Fatty Wang accompanied Wu Xie on the train bound for the north, wondering why he believed that the Yunding Temple was in Changbai Mountain. Wu Xie took out Wu Laogou’s diary, which contained a map of where the dragon veins were located.

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