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The Lost Tomb 2: Explore With the Note 云顶天宫 Episode 3 Recap

Since the mysterious disappearance of Xie Lianhuan, his whereabouts are still unknown, but just a few days ago, Uncle Hai received news that the corpse of Jiumen Zhongren who knew Lianhuan had been discovered. Now Xie Yuchen is in charge, and regardless of the grievances between him and Chen Piasi, based on this hearsay, he should always speak out in person.

Sure enough, Xie Yuchen confirmed the rumors to the outside world, and even had to make up a funeral for the adoptive father, and went to the tomb with the snake eyebrow copper fish. After listening to Uncle Hai’s analysis, Wu Sanxing’s expression became serious. He began to prepare plans. Everything was waited until Xie Yuchen presided over the funeral. A few hundred meters away from the cemetery, there was also a group of people monitoring the process secretly. Jason.

While the Iron Triangle was temporarily resting in Guzhai, not only Fatty Wang was completely healed, but also Elder Kua Xiong was gradually getting better. However, when he saw Zhang Qiling, he knelt on the ground instantly, crying for him as the leader. After some explanation, Elder Kwaxiong believed that Zhang Qiling and the leader only looked very similar. After he calmed down, he talked about what happened before.

As early as a few decades ago, this stockade was still following the ancient customs and was entrenched for generations. Every year, mountain gods were worshipped to pray for blessings and peace, lest the monsters in the tower would rampage and chaos. However, the appearance of Chenpi completely broke the peaceful life of the stockade. He lied that he was a history teacher at Wuhan University. He was supposed to take the students to the ancient pagoda in Guangxi to collect data, but he was killed on the way.

The leader believed Chen Pi’s words, and sent the men in the stockade to find the students separately, but they did not know that they had been used by the other party. As soon as everyone left, Chen Pi immediately took out the compass, locked the entrance of the Jinger Palace according to the direction noted in advance, and successfully obtained the Eightfold Treasure Letter.

At that time, Elder Kua Xiong was young and energetic. He witnessed Chenpi killing his tribe, and he couldn’t wait to fight him hard. However, he was not an opponent at all, especially to avoid bullets, he had to run into the stone room and be trapped here for more than 40 years. As the explosion sounded, the leader rushed to hear the news, and because he saw through the tangerine peel’s conspiracy, he cut off his eyes on the spot in accordance with the rules of the stockade.

If you talk about Chen Pi Asi’s greatest shame in this life, nothing is to betray his teacher. Therefore, after this incident, Chen Pi concealed the truth from the outside world. Outsiders who don’t know the truth thought he was planted in Jinger Palace to blind him. The only surviving bronze snake eyebrow fish naturally became the contention of many forces.

Knowing that someone was peeping in the dark, Xie Yuchen was still calm. He put the jade box into the tomb with his own hands, and then walked away with his men, monitoring everything around him. It’s a pity that the situation is beyond expectation. Originally, Jason and his group appeared first, and the jade box that was just about to succeed was suddenly snatched away by tangerine peel. With more than a dozen iron marbles, all shots, and capable of such agility, I am afraid that apart from tangerine peel, only Xie Lianhuan can match him.

In the old house of Wu Sanxing, Xie Lianhuan hurried over with the jade box. He seemed a little unbearable, especially thinking that the next plan would hurt Wu Xie and Jie Yuchen. However, it was the indecision of Xie Lianhuan that made Wu Sanxing particularly dissatisfied with this, because they are like riding a horse on a wall, they can only advance and cannot retreat, and a little hesitation will leave everyone dead without a place to bury.

Before dawn, Wu Sansheng had already set off to Jude Kao’s house and offered to make a deal with Jason, in exchange for the Warring States silk book with the jade box. As Wu Sanshen was good at cracking the organs, he agreed to help them open the lock and pick up the goods at the request of Jude Kao and others. However, the snake eyebrow bronze fish in the jade box was a fake. Now that the deal was settled, Jude Kao couldn’t go back and had no choice but to let Wu Sansheng take away the Warring States Silk Book. Although it seemed that the loss was relatively large now, the rewards Wu Xie brought were far more meaningful.

Wu Xie wanted to explore the secrets under the tower, but he could not ask the reason from Elder Kua Xiong. After thinking about it, he decided to say goodbye to Elder Kua Xiong and set off. The Iron Triangle left without saying goodbye. The three left the stockade together. Little did they know that Elder Kua Xiong was killed in the room not long after they left, so that Dang Mang and Kunna had a misunderstanding.

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