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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 34 Recap

Jiang Jin considered repeatedly and asked Lin Xiangyuan and Jiang Fanlu to divorce. Lin Xiangyuan wanted to take care of Jiang Fanlu and go through the formalities when she recovered. Jiang Jin insisted on divorcing Jiang Fanlu after he was discharged from the hospital. Return one of the shares to him.

Zou Siqi saw the intimate photos of Lei Yuzheng and Xu You on the Internet, and immediately called He Qunfei to inquire about it. He Qunfei didn’t know how to explain this. Lei Yuzheng did it deliberately and wanted to keep Du Xiaosu away from these right and wrong. At this time, Lei Yuzheng was driving He Qunfei to Guizhou, Lin Xiangyuan’s hometown.

Lin Xiangyuan specially made bamboo rice and porridge that Jiang Fanlu liked to eat. Jiang Jin couldn’t stop him. Lin Xiangyuan took care of Jiang Fanlu and patiently fed her the meal. After the meal, Lin Xiangyuan came to Jiang Jin. He wanted to come back to take care of Jiang Fanlu. Jiang Jin refused to agree and urged him to divorce Jiang Fanlu as soon as possible. Jiang Fanlu came downstairs. She wanted to go for a walk, but Lin Xiangyuan hurriedly followed her.

Lei Yuzheng and He Qunfei went around to find Lin Xiangyuan’s hometown, and learned from the villagers that Lin Xiangyuan was the only college entrance examination champion in the village, and he knew that he wanted to do good for the village. Lei Yuzheng found Lin Xiangyuan’s home and saw that the wall was covered with certificates of merit. Lin Mu rushed home. Lei Yuzheng lied that he was tired and came to beg for a drink. Lin asked them to have lunch at home.

Jiang Fanlu came to the bar alone. Lin Xiangyuan followed her every step of the way. Jiang Fanlu couldn’t help but urge him to go through the divorce procedures as soon as possible. Lin Xiangyuan promised to divorce when she got better. He also said some touching things. He kept saying Jiang Fanlu was a relative and promised not to leave her, Jiang Fanlu was moved to tears. Mother Lin hurriedly prepared meals. Lei Yuzheng recognized Li Lu from the group photo on the wall. Only then did he realize that Lin Xiangyuan and Li Lu were classmates. He was worried that he might startled the grass and startled the snake, so he hurriedly left with Lin Mu.

Lei Yuzheng and He Qunfei went around to find Li Lu’s house, and asked his neighbors for his address in Shanghai. Lei Yuzheng did not dare to delay, and hurried away with He Qunfei. Jiang Jin couldn’t get through Jiang Fanlu’s phone. He was distraught. Lin Xiangyuan sent Jiang Fanlu back. Jiang Jin saw that it was getting late, so he let Lin Xiangyuan sleep in the guest room.

Lin Xiangyuan desperately tried to please Jiang Fanlu, but she didn’t appreciate it and deliberately moved out of the child’s miscarriage. Lin Xiangyuan had to follow Jiang Fanlu to the Civil Affairs Bureau to go through the divorce procedures. Lu, took out the ring he bought during the wedding on the spot. Jiang Fanlu was very moved. The staff lied that the computer was broken and asked them to go back and think about it.

Lei Yuzheng and He Qunfei finally found Li Lu in the underground garage, and Li Lu flees in fright. A year ago, Lin Xiangyuan sent Xie Li to Li Lu 200,000 yuan to expose Lei Yuzheng to leak company secrets. Li Lu hid everywhere and was kidnapped into a car by an unknown person. Lei Yuzheng hurriedly went to the rescue and fought with the two people. As a result, Li Lu was still pulled away by the car. When Jiang Jin learned that Jiang Fanlu had not filed a divorce, Jiang Fanlu couldn’t help but worry about her. Jiang Fanlu saw that Lin Xiangyuan was exhausted in order to please her, and wanted to wait a while.

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