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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 33 Recap

Zou Siqi couldn’t stand it, and pulled Du Xiaosu to ask Lei Yuzheng’s guilt. He Qunfei hurriedly came to the rescue. He wanted to take Zou Siqi and Du Xiaosu to a different place for dinner. Zou Siqi resolutely refused to do it, and sat down in anger to eat with Lei Yuzheng and the two of them. Zou Siqi ridiculed Xu You, and Xu You was not outdone, and the two of them fought with each other.

Du Xiaosu desperately pulled Zou Siqi up, and Zou Siqi reminded Lei Yuzheng not to let Du Xiaosu down. Du Xiaosu complained that Zou Siqi should not be nosy, and turned around in anger. When Xu You witnessed this scene, he immediately understood Lei Yuzheng’s intentions. He wanted to use her anger to get away from Du Xiaosu. Xu You was very curious and wanted to finish watching the play.

Du Xiaosu ran home in one breath, Zou Siqi followed him back, and even apologized to her. Du Xiaosu didn’t want to say a word, shut himself in the bathroom and cried loudly. Lin Xiangyuan was awakened by the nightmare again. He was in a cold sweat and found that Jiang Fanlu was not by his side. Jiang Fanlu was depressed and wanted to die. Lin Xiangyuan kindly persuaded her and promised to take her abroad to live a peaceful life, Jiang Fanlu But don’t appreciate it.

Lin Xiangyuan discovered that Jiang Fanlu had been overeating recently and often talked to himself. He hurried to consult a doctor and learned that Jiang Fanlu was suffering from depression and might have suicidal tendencies. Lin Xiangyuan changed the babysitter at home. The new nanny takes a good look at Jiang Fanlu.

Lei Yuzheng and Liu Siyang sorted out all the clues and felt that Xie Li was very suspicious, and Lei Yuzheng asked Shangguan Boyao to deal with Xie Li. Hengshan Fund publicly announced that it would acquire Yutian. This matter caused an uproar in Yutian and the industry. Jiang Jin was held accountable by shareholders. He was desperate. Lei Yuzheng came up with a press conference to clarify the matter in public. Lin Xiangyuan I had to accompany Jiang Jinlai to accept an interview with reporters. Unexpectedly, Lei Yuzheng was robbed of the limelight, and Lin Xiangyuan suffocated.

Wang Mian met with Lei Yuzheng and revealed to him that Li Lu’s hometown in Guizhou, Wang Mian could not get through Li Lu’s phone, and suspected that he had changed his mobile phone number. In order to get rid of tracking, Lei Yuzheng and Liu Siyang discussed a way to get rid of the golden cicada. Liu Siyang bought two identical clothes. Lei Yuzheng also deliberately released the news that he was going abroad. Lin Xiangyuan believed it was true and sent someone to guard at the airport.

Lei Yuzheng and Liu Siyang put on exactly the same clothes. Lei Yuzheng came to the airport tightly and went to the bathroom to exchange for Liu Siyang. Liu Siyang led away the people who followed them, and Lei Yuzheng quietly followed He Qunfei away. Du Xiaosu was deeply involved in busy work and didn’t want to let herself think about Lei Yuzheng and Xu You again. Zou Siqi persuaded her to talk to Lei Yuzheng to make it clear that Du Xiaosu didn’t want to mention these sad things, and sent her away in a few words.

Lin Xiangyuan received a call from the nanny and learned that Jiang Fanlu had committed suicide. He hurried home and took Jiang Fanlu to the hospital. After the medical staff tried their best to rescue Jiang Fanlu, Jiang Fanlu finally recovered, but she only wanted to die. The doctor was ruthless. Reprimand her. Lin Xiangyuan called Jiang Jin to report, and then asked the doctor about Jiang Fanlu’s condition. He learned that Jiang Fanlu’s condition was very serious. Not only did he need medication, but he also needed the company and care of his family.

Jiang Feng came to the hospital fiercely and forcibly pushed Lin Xiangyuan aside. He tried to persuade Jiang Fanlu, Jiang Fanlu had no love, his eyes were dull, Jiang Jin was sad and tearful, he called Lin Xiangyuan aside to be held accountable. Lin Xiangyuan was so scared that he repeatedly confessed to him.

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