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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 32 Recap

Shangguan Boyao introduced the friends who came to the party one by one to Du Xiaosu. These people are the elites and leaders in the industry. They talked and thought that Du Xiaosu was a great designer, and Du Xiaosu was ashamed of himself, and indeed stated that he was an ordinary designer. division.

In order to alleviate the embarrassment, Lei Yuzheng asked Du Xiaosu to dance. Du Xiaosu felt that he was out of place and just wanted to leave as soon as possible. Although Lei Yuzheng struggled to stay, Du Xiaosu left without looking back. Xu You saw this scene and actively asked to send Lei Yuzheng home. He Qunfei found that someone was following them, and Lei Yuzheng deliberately took Xu You to the house for the night.

Lei Yuzheng saw someone secretly taking photos downstairs, put on a sports suit and went out, letting Xu You stay at home. After Du Xiaosu went home, the more she thought about it, the more depressed she called Lei Yuzheng. Unexpectedly, Lei Yuzheng forgot to bring her mobile phone. Xu You answered the call. Du Xiaosu heard Xu You’s voice and immediately hung up the phone.

Lei Yuzheng hurried home. Xu You returned his phone. Lei Yuzheng suddenly received a call from a private detective. He hurried to the underground garage to meet. Lei Yuzheng just wanted to leave when he got the evidence, and the people who followed him came and forced him to hand over the evidence in his hand. Lei Yuzheng beat them away without any effort.

Lei Yuzheng called Liu Siyang and asked him to meet at home as soon as possible, and then Lei Yuzheng rushed home in the rain and asked Duan Guanjia to go back to his hometown to rest for a while, not wanting him to be involved. Lei Yuzheng took out the clues found by private investigators. It was the list of customers who bought Yutian stocks and account information before Lei Yuzheng signed a contract with SG Company.

There is also a piece of information about Lei Yuzheng’s leaking company secrets written by reporter Li Lu a year ago. The article, dated the day before Lei Yuzheng and SG company signed the contract, Lei Yuzheng concluded that someone had provided information to Li Lu, and Liu Siyang found out that Li Lu had resigned.

Lei Yuzheng asked Liu Siyang to check the source of funds in those accounts, and asked Shangguan Boyao to check the whereabouts of Li Lu. Mr. Yu called to inform Lin Xiangyuan that they wanted to acquire Yutian. As long as Lin Xiangyuan cooperated with their actions, he would be appointed as the CEO. Lin Xiangyuan firmly refused to agree and regretted that he had provided Mr. Yu with the news of Lei Yuzheng and SG’s cooperation. Not people inside and out.

In fact, Lei Yuzheng had a premonition that someone was going to acquire Yutian, but he just couldn’t guess who the other party was. President Yu sent someone to express Lin Xiangyuan a bank card with a large amount of cash, and forced him to cooperate with the acquisition of Yutian. Lin Xiangyuan didn’t want to do such an immoral thing. Yu always threatened him on the phone and threatened him. Lin Xiangyuan felt ashamed. , He dared not speak.

Shangguan Boyao quickly found out the whereabouts of Li Lu’s girlfriend, Wang Mian, and brought Lei Yuzheng to find Wang Mian. He didn’t expect someone to threaten Wang Mian. Lei Yuzheng rushed to protect Wang Mian. He was stabbed in his arm and scared Wang Mian. Have to flee. Liu Siyang was afraid of Lei Yuzheng, which made Lei Yuzheng more determined not to get Du Xiaosu involved in danger, and wanted to find a chance to get her away. Lei Yuzheng invited Xu You to dinner and gave her a large bouquet of flowers. Xu You was flattered.

He Qunfei invited Zou Siqi and Du Xiaosu to dinner and deliberately chose the restaurant where Lei Yuzheng and Xu You were dating. Du Xiaosu was dumbfounded when she saw Lei Yuzheng and Xu You talking and laughing through the window.

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