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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 31 Recap

Lei Yuzheng brought Liu Siyang to the construction site of the entertainment city. He saw that it had begun to take shape, but now it was in a state of shelving. Lei Yuzheng was touched by the situation and remembered his father’s painstaking efforts to promote this project. He was unwilling to give up and wanted to restart. For the entertainment city project, Liu Siyang found it difficult. First, he had to convince the board of directors and raise a large amount of start-up capital. Lei Yuzheng vowed to clear his charge and return to Yutian, and then enter the decision-making level to fulfill his father’s last wish.

Jiang Jin proposed to the board of directors to let Lei Yuzheng be his assistant. Lin Xiangyuan was the first to stand up and oppose it. Others responded, and Jiang Jin had to give up. He Qunfei escorted Lei Yuzheng back to Yutian with his head up and his chest high. They went directly to Lei Ting’s office. Xie Fei saw them both and hurried to report to Lin Xiangyuan. Weicheng heard that Lei Yuzheng was back, so he came to see him as soon as possible and advised him to take everyone to restart the entertainment city project as soon as possible. Lei Yuzheng was very moved.

Lin Xiangyuan hurried back to the company. He saw Lei Yuzheng’s car for a few seconds, and then went upstairs as if nothing had happened. Lei Yuzheng and He Qunfei stood by the window and could see clearly. Lin Xiangyuan returned to the office with serious concerns. Xie Fei hurried to report to him. Lin Xiangyuan lied that Lei Yuzheng had been invited back by him. He wanted to stare at Lei Yuzheng every day to know him and his enemy.

Lin Xiangyuan came to see Lei Yuzheng and saw He Qunfei cleaning the room, so he ridiculed him. He Qunfei did not show weakness, and confronted him, Lin Xiangyuan walked away in anger. At the same time, Lei Yuzheng came to Jiang Jin to discuss the restart of the entertainment city project. Jiang Jin made an excuse not to know that the entertainment city project had been suspended, and promised to support Lei Yuzheng fully. Lei Yuzheng asked him to do Lin Xiangyuan’s work. Jiang Jin fully agreed. He also tried his best to relieve Lin Xiangyuan and ensured that Lin Xiangyuan would support Lei Yuzheng.

Lin Xiangyuan hid outside the door and heard clearly, he turned around so angry and left. Lei Yuzheng asked a private detective to investigate the details of Lin Xiangyuan and Xie Li. Lin Xiangyuan sent someone to follow Lei Yuzheng, who was soon discovered by Lei Yuzheng. Shangguan Boyao came to the fencing hall to find Lei Yuzheng. Lei Yuzheng asked him to practice together. Shangguan Boyao surrendered. Lei Yuzheng refused to give up and forced him to fight back. After a few rounds, Lei Yuzheng asked Shangguan Boyao for money to help him restart. Shangguan Boyao readily agreed to the entertainment city project.

Jiang Jin knew that Lin Xiangyuan was not happy about Lei Yuzheng’s return to Yutian, and advised Jiang Fanlu not to approach Lei Yuzheng to avoid Lin Xiangyuan’s dissatisfaction. Lin Xiangyuan and Xie Li submitted a plan to Jiang Jin to jointly produce new energy vehicles with Green Investment. Jiang Jin worried that the shareholders would not agree and could not stand Lin Xiangyuan’s struggle. Jiang Jin agreed to submit the plan to the board of directors.

Shangguan Boyao reported Lin Xiangyuan’s plan to Lei Yuzheng. Liu Siyang carefully investigated the background of the Green Investment Company. He suspected that this was a company secretly established by Lin Xiangyuan. Lei Yuzheng concluded that Lin Xiangyuan wanted to use Green to invest in money laundering, and then arrogantly did Yutian’s big business. shareholder.

Lei Yuzheng didn’t want to sit still, he wanted to lead the snake out of the cave and let Lin Xiangyuan show his feet as soon as possible. Lin Xiangyuan deliberately sent someone to send Lei Yuzheng with two criminal law books, and then came to Lei Yuzheng for a showdown, claiming that the company wanted to invest in new energy projects and had no money to restart the entertainment city. Unexpectedly, Lei Yuzheng had found the funds. Lin Xiangyuan announced to him the board of directors. He was appointed as Jiang Jin’s special assistant, Lei Yuzheng didn’t appreciate it at all and asked Lin Xiangyuan to take away the two books.

Shangguan Boyao wants to hold a banquet for Lei Yuzheng. Lei Yuzheng decides to use the plan and deliberately shows that he is powerless to paralyze Lin Xiangyuan. Jiang Fanlu was invited to a dinner, but Lin Xiangyuan disagreed. As a result, the two had a fierce dispute. Lin Xiangyuan came to Jiang Jin to admit his mistake, and Jiang Jin asked Jiang Fanlu to take Lin Xiangyuan to participate.

Shangguan Boyao specially invited Du Xiaosu to the banquet. She bought a tie as a gift. Lei Yuzheng liked it very much. After a few exchanges, Du Xiaosu wanted to leave, and Lei Yuzheng held her back.

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