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Summer Again 薄荷之夏 Episode 3 Recap

Xu Ao, who loves to eat squid, celebrated his birthday on Thursday and took the initiative to invite Tao Zhu to the birthday party, making Tao Zhu ecstatic. She deliberately asked Wang Yiming what gift she wanted, but Wang Yiming mistakenly thought Tao Zhu was going to give him a gift. In desperation, she had no choice but to find a way on her own, after deliberation, she decided to learn to grill squid and grilled squid lover Xu Ao herself. Unexpectedly, she was bumped into by Wang Yiming, who had finished playing basketball, and the atmosphere was very embarrassing.

When Tao Zhu went to Xu Ao with the squid he roasted himself, Xu Ao not only was not moved, but acted very coldly, which made Tao Zhu very uncomfortable. Wang Yiming followed Tao Zhu all the way to the Big Blue Elephant, and when he saw her being left out by Xu Ao, he felt uncomfortable and took the initiative to eat the squid in her hand.

Tong Xi asked Dacheng’s good friends to pass the photos of the Dacheng school blackboard newspaper to herself, preparing to replace the chalk drawing board with blackboard paint. Lin Nanyi offered to help, but Tong Xi stiffly refused.

Tong Xi had a terrible dream the day before the board newspaper evaluation. She dreamed of Parallel Space and her teachers and classmates accused her of trash on the blackboard and woke up in a panic. Just when she was alone in the classroom in the middle of the night worrying about the blackboard newspaper, Lin Nanyi suddenly appeared with snacks and volunteered to help her draw the blackboard newspaper.

On the day of the blackboard newspaper evaluation, Tong Xi drew the limelight with Lin Nanyi’s blackboard newspaper, won the first grade and became the class’s number one hero. In order to express his gratitude, Tong Xi promised to be Lin Nanyi’s maid for a week, unconditionally cooperating with his various requirements.

Wang Yiming tells Tong Xi and Lin Nanyi that Tao Zhu sent grilled squid to Xu Ao and was left out in the cold. Because the tone of the speech was not right, Tao Zhu directly caused Tao Zhu to cry. He apologized to Tao Zhu in a low voice, but was scolded by Tao Zhu. In desperation, Wang Yiming had to go home. The next day, he specially bought scald cream for Tao Zhu. Although Tao Zhu didn’t say anything, he was still very moved.

Lin Nan yelled for a Coke, but for a limited period of time, Tong Xi, a small attendant, had to go downstairs to buy Coke. Unexpectedly, Lin Nanyi deliberately spilled Coke on her body and asked Tong Xi to wash his school uniforms. In desperation, Tong Xi had to take his school uniform home, clean it quietly behind her mother, and then take it back to her room to dry.

Knowing that Tong Xi sends private messages to Qinghe every day, Lin Nan went to check his own information and found that there was a dedicated fan who was sending out some ambiguous words every day, and he was surprised.

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