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Summer Again 薄荷之夏 Episode 2 Recap

Tong Xi came to school in a beautiful school uniform and was welcomed by the students unanimously. In order to maintain the personality of her goddess, Tong Xi also danced a ballet for her classmates. She didn’t see Lin Nanyi in the class, mistakenly thinking that she was not in the same class with him, and was ecstatic. As everyone knows, Lin Nanyi’s seat is behind her left, but she didn’t show up in the class because she asked for leave.

Because Wang Yiming and Tong Xi are classmates, boys in other classes take the initiative to come to him to play basketball and want him to ask for Tong Xi’s contact information. When the boys asked Tong Xi’s deskmate Tao Zhu for Tong Xi’s contact information, Xu Ao, the director of the drama club, appeared in time to help Tao Zhu drive away the group of boys, which made Tao Zhu very moved.

After class, Tong Xi went to Teacher Xu to practice ballet. The intensity was so great that she was almost exhausted to death. A few days ago, she was still annoyed that she could not catch up with Qinghe’s first public signing. She thought she would regret it for the rest of her life, but she did not expect Qinghe to change the date tacitly. On the first day of the transfer, Tong Xi knew for the first time what it was like to be paid attention to. For someone like her, who was ordinary, ordinary and had no idea about the future, she was both nervous and happy. She decided to take the white swan as the goal, work hard to cultivate herself and become a true goddess, not to disappoint her enthusiastic classmates.

When Lin Nan returned to school, he saw Tong Xi standing in front of the class, secretly happy. The moment she saw Lin Nanyi, Tong Xi was flustered, because she was worried that Lin Nanyi would tell her embarrassment when she was a child.

Tao Zhu read Qinghe’s comic book in class. Fortunately, Tong Xi helped her in time to escape the catastrophe. In order to express his gratitude, Tao Zhu gave Qinghe’s new cartoon to her, and also took her to the big blue elephant to read the cartoon. Tong Xi never expected to meet Lin Nanyi in the big blue elephant, and was very angry, warning him not to talk nonsense. Wang Yiming and Tao Zhu were shocked to learn that Lin Nanyi and Tong Xi met when they were young.

Teacher Jiang asked Tong Xi to participate in the board newspaper appraisal, making painting Xiaobai Tongxi panic.

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