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My neighbor is not grown up (2021) 我的邻居长不大

My neighbor is not grown up
Other Title: 我的邻居长不大, My Fated Boy

Genres: drama, romance, City, emotion
Sun Chengzhi
Hu Meng
Release Date: 
July 12, 2021
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  • Li Xirui
  • He Yu
  • Zhou Xiaochuan
  • Zhao Yuanyuan

The 31-year-old Lin Yang is an empty-nest young woman who works well. She has nothing but a rented two-bedroom apartment. Just as she was living in the stagnant waters of life without waves, expectations, and passions, the 24-year-old Lu Zhengan, the brother of the neighbor who grew up with him, suddenly learned to return to her country and broke into her life forcefully. Through various means, she successfully moved into Lin Yang’s house, and even made Lin Yang’s work become her Party A…

The 24-hour all-round contact completely disrupted Lin Yang’s life, reminding each other that this is what A younger brother who grew up together, but Wudong’s younger brother is too good at flirting, and the milk dog wolf dog switches at will, completely activating her little girl’s heart that asks the person who sleeps, and what’s more terrible is that she unexpectedly produces extreme Strong dependence, even love…

From younger brother to boyfriend, from growing up together to growing old together, he grows up for her and learns responsibility and responsibility, and she becomes a little girl because of him, and learns to show weakness and act coquettishly. Life is bitter, but fortunately, you have this candy.

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