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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 15 Recap

Now Tao Chengkai has some doubts about Ma Tianming. If he wants to get close to Zhu Tiande again, it may be difficult, so Cai Likun suggested that he should be transferred out as soon as possible, so as to avoid long nights and dreams. However, the only way Cai Likun could think of was to let Ma Tianming replay the old tricks and take the fake death medicine. However, Zhu Tiande had not yet woken up, and the risk of danger was higher than the others.

As Ma Tianming was about to leave Hengshan Hospital soon, Niu Er sat on the ground and raised the price, and his previous salary increased several times, otherwise he refused to help him save Ma Tianliang. Cai Likun thinks that Zhang Baoshan was not accidentally reading poems by Zhu Tiande’s bed before. Perhaps there is a joint code hidden in the poetry collection, and Ma Tianming suddenly remembered that Zhang Baoshan seemed to have said something about pot.

At the same time, Bai Julie took the initiative to pay homage to her late husband, but Bai Wencheng also appeared here. The relationship between the father and daughter has not yet eased, let alone Bai Julie agreed to go home for dinner with her parents. Seeing her daughter turned and left without hesitation, Bai Wencheng was very sad, and almost had a heart attack on the spot.

In the next few days, Cai Likun would often climb from the ventilation duct to Zhu Tiande’s ward. Fortunately, with Ma Tianming as cover, Tao Chengkai’s men found no abnormalities. Taking advantage of this time, Cai Likun personally treated Zhu Tiande, and Ma Tianming entangled Cai Likun to teach him how to inject the patient, but when he heard Lin Jingshan’s voice, he hurried out to stop her.

In order to prevent Cai Likun from being exposed, Ma Tianming deliberately showed love to Lin Jingshan, and even rushed to kiss her in a hurry. Unexpectedly, this scene happened to be seen by Li Quan. Lin Jingshan slapped Ma Tianming and left. As for Cai Likun, he had slipped away without letting Li Quan catch the situation.

After returning, Ma Tianming cried bitterly in front of Cai Likun, saying that he had even offered his first kiss and did not know how to explain to Bai Julie. Cai Likun believes that both roads are now open, but Zhu Tiande’s situation is far more serious than they thought, so starting tomorrow, he will cooperate with each other to treat Zhu Tiande.

Li Quan reported to Tao Chengkai what happened tonight. Tao Chengkai was very satisfied with Ma Tianming’s forced kiss of the female nurse. It is because the other party does not have the fake and seriousness of the Communist Party, it is worth his cooperation with confidence. The next morning, Tao Chengkai waited for Ma Tianming in Zhu Tiande’s ward, and showed him the identity of the Kuomintang.

Knowing that Zhu Tiande was actually a Communist Party member, Ma Tianming was frightened at a loss. After Tao Chengkai left, he immediately ran to question Cai Likun angrily, accusing him of deliberately concealing his identity and letting him take risks. Cai Likun persuaded Ma Tianming with righteous feelings, claiming that the funds in Zhu Tiande’s hands were the life-saving money of the anti-Japanese guerrillas.

Even though Ma Tianming promised to continue cooperating and admits that he admires the Communist Party very much, he can’t do it righteously at all. All he does is to save his brother, so he is unwilling to risk his life. I hope Cai Likun will not lie to himself again. However, that night, Ma Tianming repeatedly recalled what Cai Likun said, and gained a new understanding of the Communist Party.

Since then, Ma Tianming has been responsible for acupuncture Zhu Tiande. Because of his professional technique, he won the trust of Tao Chengkai and agreed to keep him on duty at night. On the contrary, A Cai’s body was discovered by the police. Xue Ning found a high-end lipstick at the scene, coupled with the dictation of witnesses, and instantly suspected Bai Julie’s body, and went to Hengshan Hospital to investigate.

Originally Dean Su planned to hold a press conference to publicize Han Cheng’s waking up. After hearing the news, Ma Tianming and Cai Likun shouted badly, so they hurriedly went to Dean Su and happened to hear Xue Ning interrogating Bai Julie. In order to protect Bai Julie, Ma Tianming simply came forward to relieve the siege, and he quarreled with Xue Ning.

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