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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 14 Recap

Realizing that Cai Likun would be in danger, Ma Tianming hurriedly found an excuse to leave the ward, but he was still a step late, so he took Lin Jingshan out and lied to drive her for a drive. Lin Jingshan was in a bad mood, but couldn’t bear Ma Tianming’s entanglement, and simply agreed to go to the movies with him. It just so happened that Qu Rusen saw Ma Tianming’s courtesy to Lin Jingshan on the balcony, and Bai Julie also witnessed the whole process, feeling uneasy.

Cai Likun called the contact person according to the information in the newspaper, but no one answered. In fact, the old wolf cancelled the way of meeting in the newspaper long after he took over the second group, but Cai Likun was kept in the dark. Ma Tianming took Lin Jingshan to the cinema, but he didn’t want to watch a movie, so he slipped out just to check if the car door was locked.

At the same time, Cai Likun came to the tailor’s shop to pretend to ask for directions and took the opportunity to observe the situation. Suddenly, he found that the fake shopkeeper couldn’t match the code, and immediately turned and ran away. The Kuomintang agents chased him and shot him frequently. Ma Tianming drove up in time and finally helped Cai Likun get out.

Although Cai Likun’s head had been injured, he still insisted on returning to the hospital first. Ma Tianming sent Cai Likun back to the ward, suddenly thinking that Lin Jingshan was still in the cinema, and drove back again. However, Lin Jingshan had already known that Ma Tianming was using herself, but after she was angry, she decided to stay in the cinema and did not leave until the end. However, Ma Tianming was sitting on the street repairing the car and did not dismantle his little tricks.

The fake shopkeeper Guo Huai saw Cai Likun’s face and recognized that the car that rescued Cai Likun was a black Chevrolet. Li Quan led the investigation of the black Chevrolet registered in Shanghai and found Dean Su’s car. Tao Chengkai asked inspector Wu to help with the investigation, but Lin Jingshan, Bai Zhuli and others could testify for Ma Tianming and clear his suspicion.

Ali went to the black cafe to find out whether Ma Tianming had been there, and suddenly saw the secret code Ma Tianming left on the bottle, so he found Hengshan Hospital. It happened that Wu Wu asked to inspect the vehicle. Ma Tianming found Ali in the garage. The two wiped off the blood from the car at the fastest speed, without revealing any clues.

Li Quan felt that Ma Tianming was lying, and Tao Chengkai believed that there is no substantive evidence now, so he should not act rashly for the time being, and he can only continue the investigation secretly. Ma Tianming asked Xiao Wu to help wash the car. Unexpectedly, a bullet hole was found behind the car. He immediately ran to tell Cai Likun that he would fix it before lending it to Tao Chengkai tomorrow.

Ma Tianming never expected that Cai Likun was not only exquisite in medical skills, but also good at repairing cars. He asked Ali to be his helper. The brothers worked together under Cai Likun’s command to take out the bullets and use a lot of chemicals to repair the bullet holes. , Ali admired Cai Likun.

However, when packing up the car, Cai Likun found a pistol and a Communist Manifesto from the trunk of the car. Ma Tianming was quick-eyed and saw that there was a large roll of banknotes. He immediately clung to it. It happened that there was a knock on the door outside, and Guo Huai personally came to pick up the car for Tao Chengkai, and saw Ali and Cai Likun in the garage who had been wearing car repair tools.

Because Ali applied engine oil to Cai Likun’s face in advance, Guo Zhun did not immediately recognize that he was the Communist Party who came to the joint that night, and no longer had any doubts, and drove away. Cai Likun, who survived the catastrophe smoothly, couldn’t help but praise Ali’s cleverness. Ma Tianming wanted to divide the money, but Cai Likun insisted that this was a material protected by Zhang Baoshan’s life and did not agree to his request.

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