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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 13 Recap

Considering that Hancheng was a witness in the Anhui incident, Xue Ning asked to take him back to the patrol room. Dean Su’s persuasion was fruitless. Fortunately, Ma Tianming was anxious to tell the reporter to come to the hospital to hold a reception. He would then disclose Xue Ning to the public. The fact of arresting people without a license. Because of the impact of this incident, Xue Ning had to compromise, and was so angry that he took Ma Tianming out of the hospital to make a meal.

Although the hospital managed to save Cai Likun, in order to avoid offending the patrol room, he still obeyed the arrangement of the other party and put Cai Likun in a closed ward first. Bai Julie persuaded Cai Likun to imagine the room as an isolated island and played Bach’s music. Seeing that he was treated like this, Ma Tianming immediately ran to question Dean Su, but it was useless.

Now that Zhang Nana has finished the operation and returned from abroad, Dean Su doesn’t want to take care of these things, but suggests that Bai Julie should entrust the child to a reliable person to take care of it. Bai Julie thought about it, and finally brought Zhang Nana back to Bai’s house with Ma Tianming. When she saw her mother’s happy and excited appearance, she felt guilty in her heart.

After so many years have passed, the room is still the original layout. After Bai Zhuli placed Zhang Nana, she personally removed the gauze for her to familiarize herself with the surrounding environment. Unexpectedly, the moment she saw Ma Tianming, she instantly remembered that she saw the other party sneak into Zhang’s house that night. The scene, screamed in horror. Seeing this, Ma Tianming was puzzled and had to leave first to find Bai Wencheng, only to see the loneliness of this old father.

Because Cai Likun’s ward key was still in Lin Jingshan’s hand, Ma Tianming tried every possible means to approach her. On the contrary, Nakamura learned of Gu Xiaoman’s suspended animation and asked Lin Jingshan to repeat the same trick and asked Ma Tianming to go to the restaurant to kill her. Ma Tianming chatted with everyone in the ward and mentioned the Mei Niang song performed last year. He almost revealed his identity and simply found an excuse to slip away.

After Lin Jingshan took the order, she was hesitant and restless all day, and then missed the phone meeting. When Nakamura learned of this, Lin Jingshan slapped Lin Jingshan severely and warned. When Ma Tianming saw Lin Jingshan getting out of a car with slapped fingerprints on her face, he planned to rush over to complain for her. Lin Jingshan hurriedly took him away when she saw it.

In the restaurant of Nuo Da, there were only two guests, Lin Jingshan and Ma Tianming. Ma Tianming used the opportunity of dancing to steal the ward key from Lin Jingshan, while Lin Jingshan secretly put the medicine in the red wine while he went to the bathroom to rub the mold. After Ma Tianming changed the key quietly, he was completely unconscious because he drank red wine. The Japanese who pretended to be a waiter was about to strangle Ma Tianming. Lin Jingshan couldn’t bear it, and finally drank his gun and stopped his actions. .

Nakamura confided Ma Tianming because of Lin Jingshan and asked her to judge herself. In order to save his life, Lin Jingshan mentioned the red funds about Zhu Tiande, emphasizing that only Ma Tianming can rescue Zhu Tiande, and it is better to wait for Ma Tianming to rescue Zhu Tiande before attacking the killer. Senior Japanese officials adopted Lin Jingshan’s suggestion to let her unleash her charm to seduce Ma Tianming. Only nurses who are addicted to love can let the Kuomintang and the Communist Party relax their vigilance, but they must also bear in mind their identity and mission.

Sure enough, the next morning, Ma Tianming woke up and found himself naked. He really couldn’t figure out what happened last night, except that the scar on his neck made him feel uncomfortable and mistakenly thought he was playing too much. Ma Tianming went to Cai Likun and learned that he had read the message left by the comrade in the newspaper, so he had to go to the hospital. However, when Ma Tianming went to Zhu Tiande’s ward, he inadvertently heard that Li Cheng had been working at the Zhouji tailor, and instantly realized that Cai Likun was likely to be caught.

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