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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 24 Recap

The Liao Yaoxiang Corps saw Yingkou being blocked by the Communist army. Liao Yaoxiang changed his strategy from southward to eastward. It should be to retreat to Shenyang. The sudden change of the Liao Yaoxiang Corps disrupted all the established strategic deployments of the Eastern Army. Now the battlefield in Western Liaoning has become a mess, and the Communist Army has no idea how to fight this battle. Liao Yaoxiang ordered the formation of a three-dimensional drum-style strategic transfer.

After Lin Biao learned about it, he also decided to have a three-dimensional drum-style chase and interception. The specific method of play was to block the first, intercept the tail, and in the middle of the attack, where each column was dedicated to shooting gunshots.

Intelligence personnel from Nanjing sent an urgent call to the central government. The Nanjing Ministry of National Defense has received reports that Fu Zuoyi has launched a military operation against the Liberated Areas of North China. However, the specific action plan is still in top-secret status. We hope that we must strengthen our guard. They once again talked about the battlefield in Western Liaoning. Mao Zedong said that now they are competing against the soldiers of the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, who has the real will of steel.

Li Dezhang’s 3rd Battalion found the temporary headquarters of the 9th Corps of the Kuomintang Army. Li Dezhang asked Zhang Shunzi to sneak over and cut off the antenna. As soon as the antenna was cut, the Kuomintang immediately protected Liao Yaoxiang and others from evacuation, without even having time to bring out the communication equipment.

Li Dezhang went in and took a look. Good fellow, this is the headquarters of the Liao Yaoxiang Corps. I didn’t expect them to escape so embarrassed that they didn’t take anything away. At this time, Liao Yaoxiang ordered people to go back and rescue the radio and other communication equipment at all costs. Li Dezhang and the others were preparing to take these things away, but they were surrounded by people sent back by Liao Yaoxiang.

Li Dezhang immediately ordered the things to be destroyed, and those who rushed out must report the incident to the column, indicating that the Hu’s shack is the important piece of information from Liao Yaoxiang’s headquarters. Liao Yaoxiang issued the death order, and Li Dezhang’s small team suffered heavy losses, and most of their comrades died.

After losing his communication tools, the Liao Yaoxiang Corps was in a mess. He risked being exposed and broadcast the report. Lin Biao and others learned that they were going to Erdaogangzi, and they heard that Li Dezhang led someone to Liao Yaoxiang’s headquarters. It was confirmed that the content broadcast by Liao Yaoxiang was true. There were three Erdaogangzi. Lin Biao analyzed that the most likely place for them to gather was Erdaogangzi near Xinlitun. He immediately ordered the nearby teams to gather at Erdaogangzi near Xinlitun. After Fang Tianjing took a small team and the battalion away, they found the Kuomintang army on the way and demanded them to hand over their guns in a siege.

Wang Cuiyun’s logistics force encountered a small team of 6 Zong, and learned that they were going to send supplies to 7 Zong, and 6 Zong helped them to wipe out the enemies in front of them. Wang Cuiyun’s logistics unit was ready to go. Qiao Sanben was preparing with a gun. While waiting, he suddenly chatted with Wang Cuiyun about the origin of his name, and Wang Cuiyun also talked to him about his relationship with Takeo.

At this moment, the gunfire on the front battlefield ceased, and when they looked over, the 6th regiment commander had already died. But the enemy hadn’t been defeated yet. Qiao Sanben immediately asked Wang Cuiyun and the others to escort the supplies to leave as soon as possible. He and a few brothers stayed behind to hold the enemy’s pace.

After all, the other party had a large number of people, and when he saw that this was just a militia carrying supplies, he bit up even more frantically to snatch the supplies. Qiao Sanben stubbornly blocked him, and finally sacrificed heroically. At this moment, he was already a qualified communist soldier, contributing his precious life to the cause of liberation.

The battlefield is changing rapidly. At present, the Liao Yaoxiang Corps has been suppressed by our army in a small area. From chaos to encirclement, our army is making the final blow to the Liao Yaoxiang Corps. In order to gather and annihilate the Liao Yaoxiang Corps and buy time for the main force of the East Field Army northward in Jinzhou, the 6th column successfully blocked the enemy’s retreat channel after a rapid march. By the early morning of the 26th, Liao Yaoxiang’s plan to retreat to Shenyang was declared bankrupt.

After the 27th, the fighting on the Western Liaoning battlefield became more intense. The Liao Yaoxiang Corps was cut into two large pieces and countless small pieces. The troops lost their command and were even more disintegrated. Gan Lin, a confidential member of the Confidential Office of the North China Suppression Headquarters, sent back important information.

Fu Zuoyi sent Zheng Tingfeng to support Taiyuan in name. In fact, he wanted to take advantage of the weakness of the central government and attacked Shijiazhuang and Hepingshan County in one fell swoop. organ. After the Central Committee learned of this information, it also guessed that Zheng Tingfeng’s troops had already set off. At this time, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was very dangerous.

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