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Crossroad Bistro 北辙南辕 Episode 6 Recap

When Bao Xue came to step on it in person and saw the beautiful environment of the restaurant Yu Shanshan had prepared, her heart began to shake again. But You Shanshan’s generosity and straightforwardness make Bao Xue a little worried. I don’t know that You Shanshan is very firm in her vision. For You Shanshan, Bao Xue is not only a personality match, but You Shanshan is also very optimistic about Bao Xue. Xue’s acting career. After listening to You Shanshan’s analysis, Bao Xue slowly fell in love, nodded in agreement, and tried to recommend a new partner to You Shanshan and others.

The dinner was in progress, Liu Liangzhou and Dai Xiaoyu accidentally discovered that they were born in the same year, the same month and the same day, and finally did not let the conversation cool down. The conversation came to Liu Liangzhou himself again. Dai Xiaoyu toasted his impulse last time. The two talked and laughed and ended the meal.

Dai Chengcheng and his mother Bai Jinghui talked about once, since his wife passed away, Bai Jinghui bought a ticket and started to travel around the mountains and water. But Dai Chengcheng missed her mother. Bai Jinghui knew that her daughter was filial, but she still hated her son’s selfishness. Even Dai Chengcheng helped to say a few words but was rejected by Bai Jinghui. The two could only cook together and talk about other things.

Bai Jinghui cared very much for her wife, but the ceremony of burial of the body was absent, and she didn’t even shed tears. Dai Chengcheng was a little puzzled. Bai Jinghui slowly said that her wife had already suffered in the last period of time, and Bai Jinghui also shed tears. For Bai Jinghui, her wife seemed to have become a spiritual existence, accompanying herself. Dai Chengcheng naturally had nothing to say about his mother’s persistence and freedom, so he could only stretch out his thumb and sigh.

As soon as Bao Xue and Dai Xiaoyu heard that Dai Chengcheng was back, they came back for dinner together. The two mothers and daughters chatted, and the two sisters also began to talk. Bao Xue deliberately analyzed Liu Liangzhou in front of Dai Xiaoyu. Dai Xiaoyu pretended to be stupid and pretended not to understand what Bao Xue said.

Returning to the rental house, Bao Xue mentioned the opening of a restaurant. Dai Xiaoyu was unwilling to use the 50,000 euros he had earned for five years of youth. Even if Bao Xue said breaking the sky, Dai Xiaoyu remained indifferent. Bao Xue could only make another idea and borrow 300,000 RMB from Dai Xiaoyu’s bill. If it doesn’t pay back within a year, he will use the house as a mortgage…

You Shanshan urged everyone to think about the name of the restaurant. Unexpectedly, it was decided to be a different one, which not only means that the cuisine includes a wide range, but also means that the road that the three women chose at the beginning may be different from the last road in life. The name was decided, and Bao Xue gave Dai Xiaoyu’s ID card and funds that she had stolen. After everything became black and white, Dai Xiaoyu realized that he had been put by Bao Xue, and in desperation he could only participate in the plan and become a supervisory department.

Feng Xi is fully responsible for the management, and Bao Xue is a person who will actively run errands. Dai Xiaoyu still has some distrust of You Shanshan, but Feng Xi trusts her fellow villager very much. Under Feng Xi’s description, You Shanshan’s existence as a business woman is established. Dai Xiaoyu was a little faintly looking forward to it.

After You Shanshan was busy with everything, he ate hot pot with the three of them. When Feng Xi talked about the marriage dream that he and Li Xiang hadn’t realized, You Shanshan could see that the love between the two had already been lost. Li Xiang wanted Feng Xi to be obedient and considerate. If they had the idea of ​​getting married, the two of them would be obedient and considerate.

Early results. Feng Xi was a little unwilling to hear, Dai Xiaoyu was afraid to interrupt, and Bao Xue opposed You Shanshan’s view of all relationships as simple supply and demand relationships. Her own famous saying was even questioned. You Shanshan was almost besieged by a few people, and she was so angry that she smashed two more pieces of meat, but no matter how much dispute, the atmosphere on this table is still pleasant and hopeful.

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