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Crossroad Bistro 北辙南辕 Episode 5 Recap

Si Meng suddenly received a call from You Shanshan, and picked You Shanshan upstairs in a daze. Talking about the recent situation, Si Meng began to complain about her husband’s dinner and the rejection of his willingness to find a job. You Shanshan received the news that her father-in-law had fallen into the hospital, and left in a hurry.

The appearance of You Shanshan before and after running made her mother-in-law feel a little relieved, and she couldn’t help but began to suggest that You Shanshan and Shi Daming were reunited. When Shi Daming got off the plane and received a call from You Shanshan, he hurried over. You Shanshan asked Shi Daming to tell her mother-in-law about his son’s study in England.

Everything was Shi Daming’s idea, so Shi Daming told him. Son Yingjie has lived with his grandparents since childhood. He watched his grandma while eating. Even when You Shanshan gave Yingjie the long-awaited gift, Yingjie had to watch her grandma before responding. You Shanshan couldn’t help but start watching I laughed at myself, as a mother, I had such a relationship with my son.

Du Shijun found that his son showed a lack of paternal love when he wrote the composition, but when he taught the composition himself, he found it was very exhausting. Si Meng couldn’t help but ridicule. Existence like Du Shijun was called Yun’s spouse, but Du Shijun thought that his usual work was more tiring. Si Meng was just a mother’s responsibility to bring up two children. In Du Shijun’s tone, the word father does not exist in the cultivation of children.

Feng Xi deliberately mentioned the opening of a restaurant when he was eating hot pot with Li Xiang at home to test Li Xiang’s attitude. As soon as Li Xiang heard You Shanshan’s name, he became disgusted, thinking that the girl does not need to have a career. As for Feng Xi’s 300,000 yuan to invest in the restaurant, Li Xiang suggested to save it to buy a house in the future. Naturally, Feng Xi was unconvinced with this kind of male chauvinism and directly reminded Li Xiang that he was a notice now, not a discussion, so he was so angry that Li Xiang also fell his chopsticks.

Liu Liangzhou gave Bao Xue special products and took the opportunity to prepare a scary mask for revenge, but Dai Xiaoyu met him and kicked Liu Liangzhou down, but he was so scared that Liu Liangzhou turned around and ran away. Bao Xue laughed so hard that she laughed at Liu Liangzhou’s failure to steal a chicken.

After the rehearsal, Bai Jinghui turned her head to look at Lu Zheng’s writing, and even took a few photos as a commemorative. The understanding between the two has also deepened. Bao Xue and Dai Xiaoyu came to the color shed to find Liu Liangzhou to return the package. When they saw Liu Liangzhou’s incomparable concentration, Dai Xiaoyu was a little surprised. When he reacted, he reminded Bao Xue to put down the package quietly and leave quietly. Bao Xue saw the changes in her sister Dai Xiaoyu’s eyes, and suddenly felt something.

In the evening, Bao Xue and Feng Xi gathered together, and Dai Xiaoyu continued to help Chai Yong receive friends. You Shanshan asked about the restaurant’s follow-up, Feng Xi rarely decided on his own, so You Shanshan turned around and asked about Bao Xue. Bao Xue’s festive and lively personality made Feng Xi and You Shanshan very fond of them. It’s not a business investment. It’s better to get people who you identify with to work. The business came suddenly, and Bao Xue was still a little hesitant, but You Shanshan would not easily give up what she believed, so she asked Bao Xue to negotiate the next day.

The next day, Bao Xue refused Liu Liangzhou’s party for You Shanshan’s matter, but good things came together, and Bao Xue took the initiative to help Liu Liangzhou and Dai Xiaoyu match up, and arranged a meal for the two. Liu Liangzhou looked at the figure of Bao Xue leaving, feeling anxious in his heart. He was still full of shyness, but when he saw the beautifully dressed Dai Xiaoyu walking out of the door, Liu Liangzhou suddenly felt his heart beating like crazy…

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