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Crossroad Bistro 北辙南辕 Episode 4 Recap

Thanks to Liu Liangzhou’s recommendation, Bao Xue won a chance to substitute. The set is ready and the male lead Teacher Huang comes on stage, but when the whole world is on standby, even the director is pleased with the big name. Finally sat in the designated position, everything started, Bao Xue’s mood and lines were perfect, but the big-name male protagonist used digital lines and various methods to make up the lines, and Bao Xue almost laughed.

After the filming was over, Liu Liangzhou took the initiative to invite Bao Xue to eat hot pot with everyone. The friends next to him saw that Bao Xue and Liu Liangzhou were laughing and playing very well, but when they asked about it formally, Bao Xue and Liu Liangzhou didn’t even look at each other in their hearts. Acting is of the opposite sex, more like a buddy who is suitable for drinking.

Dai Xiaoyu dressed up in the middle of the night and went out to discuss business and attracted Bai Jinghui’s attention. After Dai Xiaoyu left, Bai Jinghui sneaked into the room, only to find that what her granddaughter was wearing and using was of great value. This made the suspicious Bai Jinghui frown even more. .

You Shanshan received the call early in the morning, and the low voice on the other side of the phone reminded that Zhao Bin had passed away. You Shanshan was blinded, and Zhao Bin was forced to commit suicide by some small money. You Shanshan was a little bit self-blaming, but everyone around him reminded You Shanshan to hurriedly check out the shop under Zhao Bin’s name. After all, it is right to pay the debts, but You Shanshan insisted on treating the dead as the most important.

You Shanshan came to visit Zhao’s house with flowers, and only then learned that Zhao Bin had begun to arrange arrangements for people around him half a year ago, pushing his wife and daughter away from him, and taking all the difficulties. Zhao Bin’s widow intends to sell the house to repay Zhao Bin’s debt to You Shanshan. Who thinks You Shanshan has no intention of collecting debts, and even proposes to buy Zhao Bin’s shop at a price higher than the world’s price, so that the mother and daughter can pay off the debt. You Shanshan’s words are like sending charcoal in the snow, tears in the eyes of the people around him.

Bai Jinghui asked Dai Xiaoyu about the job content, and Dai Xiaoyu reluctantly said that as a publicist, she could only discuss business at the dinner table. But Bai Jinghui thought that Dai Xiaoyu was doing paid escort, and everything was insulting to family traditions. Dai Xiaoyu didn’t expect grandma to treat herself like this, and said angrily about moving, turned around to pack her luggage, and came to Bao Xue’s house.

Li Xiang was originally disgusted that You Shanshan always took his girlfriend Feng Xi out, but she had a fight over this matter today. But this time, You Shanshan was hurting his head for buying Zhao Bin’s shop. Feng Xi proposed the idea of ​​a restaurant and offered to be a manager. You Shanshan readily agreed. This time Feng Xi ushered in her first serious business. jobs.

When Bai Jinghui was visiting the park, she saw that the words written by Lu Zheng were very beautiful, and the two started talking. Bao Xue, who was jogging on the side, found Bai Jinghui in the choir. The two talked about Dai Xiaoyu. Bao Xue couldn’t help but start to speak for Dai Xiaoyu, but Bai Jinghui was angry with Dai Xiaoyu’s indifference on weekdays, so it was better to go to Bao Xue to strengthen the relationship between the two sisters. As soon as Bao Xue turned around, he received a call from Liu Liangzhou. Liu Liangzhou’s kindness to entertain guests and deliver special products made Bao Xue couldn’t help but guess, but Liu Liang denied on Monday that he just regarded Bao Xue as his “brother.”

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