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Crossroad Bistro 北辙南辕 Episode 3 Recap

Looking at the photo of Dai Xiaoyu in the phone, the two beautiful memories emerged, and the surging expressions became more and more sad. On the other hand, Shen Peihong, a friend of Dai Xiaoyu, received a surging call. Since the last time she tried the wedding dress together, Shen Peihong had only seen Dai Xiaoyu once. The tears of her friend made Shen Peihong distressed. Surging asked Shen Peihong to help pay attention to Dai Xiaoyu’s movements, and Shen Peihong readily agreed.

Dai Xiaoyu came to Chai Yong’s company for an interview, and the procedures were passed quickly. Chai Yong turned his head and asked Dai Xiaoyu to do his homework in advance and get to know the so-called Sister Hua and his artist Chun Lei. Dai Xiaoyu vaguely felt an unfamiliar hand on his shoulder, and emphasized his principles again. Who knows that Chai Yong is acting like a gentleman in front of him, and it is ridiculous to look at Dai Xiaoyu.

After Si Meng picked up the children, he began to do housework. From the beginning to the end of the meal, his father did not come back. The children’s faces showed disappointed expressions, and Si Meng had to comfort him. On the other side of the dining table, Chai Yong is ready to pat the big man Hua’s flattery. Chai Yong’s company is preparing to place an advertisement in Hua’s play, but the big character Chun Lei is not willing to border the young man.

So that the filming cannot continue. Mr. Chai was eager to delay the filming process, so he began to fight with Sister Hua. Sister Hua insisted on getting a position for the artist. As Party A, Chai Yong could not decide, and the scene was once embarrassing. When the air condensed, Dai Xiaoyu suddenly stood up to offer tea and expressed his opinion by the way.

Dai Xiaoyu saw at a glance that the sister Hua in front of him was still instructed by Chunlei, so Dai Xiaoyu gave it to sister Hua from the ratings, art, film and television industry, etc. After analyzing it, I didn’t know whether it was Dai Xiaoyu’s cleverness or the ability to talk, and even persuaded the strong sister Hua, and even added WeChat. With the praise of Sister Hua, Chai Yongle blossomed and rewarded Dai Xiaoyu.

Du Shijun finally returned home from the wine table. The children were already drowsy. His son pestered his father to help him write essays. Si Meng took the opportunity to ridicule. Du Shijun held the child hand in hand to teach him, and fell asleep unconsciously. On the chair, Si Meng coaxed the child to sleep, and then woke up her husband to take a bath.

This was how he had free time. Si Meng just sat down for a few words and Du Shijun came over. Si Meng offered to find a nanny, but Du Shijun selfishly asked Si Meng to continue to be a full-time wife and refused. The babysitter requested. Si Meng was so angry that he sat back in his office chair and picked up the short and leisurely code word time.

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