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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 49 End Recap

When the ancients woke up in the God Realm, Yuan Qi came to look for the ancients, saying that the obsidian bracelet Bai Jue gave him suddenly broke. When the ancients saw the obsidian bracelet, he remembered all the past, and Tianqi also came to the two at this time. Let the Yuanqi dynasty Yuanling swamp aspect give Bai Jun a head.

Knowing all the past events, the ancients have guessed what Bai Jue did. Bai Jue has never broken her love for her, but only wants to respond to her and let her live well. Afterwards, the ancients came to the Yuanling swamp alone, but Bai Jue’s spirit was gone, she burst into tears, enduring the pain of the heart, Bai Jue had already blocked the chaos for her and left her.

The Qingchi Palace has been lonely for thousands of years, the depths of the North Sea have been frozen for thousands of years, and the Qinglong platform has been thwarted. The ancients did not understand why Bai Ju did so many things for her, so he was willing to leave her alone in the world.

Three years later, Tianqi took over the affairs of the God Realm, and Zhiyang was happy and leisurely, drinking only leisurely all day long. Now that Yuan Qi has begun to grow up, Zhiyang discussed with Tian Qi and decided to send Yuan Qi to Donghua to study art. Bai Jue has been away for three years. Zhiyang took Yuan Qiqian to take a look at the place where Bai Jue left last. Bai Jue is the god of fire. After he left, there will be ice and snow.

There will be no sunny days. Zhi Yang knows the universe well. A new Vulcan will always be born to take the place of Bai Jue. Zhi Yang and Yuan Qi met the ancients. The ancients had been guarding the Yuanling swamp for a few years. Zhi Yang persuaded the ancients to let go of the knot in their hearts. Bai Ju spent 60,000 years reuniting the ancients. How could he hope that the ancients would do it for him? Has been alone in the Yuanling swamp.

In the demon world, Chang Qin decided to leave the Senyu Demon Clan and take a trip to the world. Sen Yu looked at Chang Qin in front of her with great reluctance. Chang Qin only said that the things she missed were already missed. Missing is not a kind of fulfillment. The future is not promised. She only hopes that Sen Yu can take care of herself, and Wu Huan It was she who was deliberately bearing the price of all the faults she should bear.

The ancients came to participate in the conference held by Feng Ran in Wutonglin. She saw a fairy with a white phoenix body outside, and she was quite surprised. The Baifeng divine consciousness in this fairy was fostered by Jing Jian. Throughout the ages, there has never been a gleam of vitality with the use of military solutions. After Feng Ran learned of this, she was anxious to know who it was. The ancients knew that Feng Ran was anxious, and only let Feng Ran wait and rebuild in the future. They would tell Feng Ran one by one.

In the realm of the gods, the red sun turned to the wine that Yuemi had buried for Apocalypse in the past. Tianqi remembered the past. He knew that Yuemi had done so deeply for him, so he decided to give up drinking, and then abandon love and love, and never be emotional all his life . Afterwards, the Red Sun came to return the Soul Resurrection Tower to the ancients. Three years ago, Bai Ju used the Soul Resurrection Tower as the ancient emperor’s use. He ordered Hongri to go to Beihai to raise the ancient emperor’s original spirit in the tower.

Now the ancient emperor’s original spirit It has been raised, and Hongri will return the soul-suppressing tower by appointment. Everything Bai Ju did was for the sake of the ancients. The ancients cried and cried because Bai Ju left alone, but Hong Sun was determined that Bai Ju would return. After hearing this from the ancient times, she knew that Bai Jue did not believe in the fate, so she was determined to gamble again for Bai Jue’s fate.

When the antiquity came to the stage of the universe, she was willing to kneel down, and only asked the ancestor god to return Bai Ju to her, she was willing to exchange her life. Seeing from the ancient times to pray to the ancestor gods, both Tianqi and Zhiyang sighed. Mortals are not obedient to pray to gods and worship Buddha, but they are true gods. It is useless to kneel like this in ancient times. , Kneeling on the Qiankun Terrace alone for five hundred years.

Five hundred years later, Yuan Qi was about to go to Daze Mansion to study art. He came to say goodbye to the ancients. The ancients still kneeled on the Qiankun Platform. Even if the Qiankun Platform did not signal from the ancestors, the ancients remained unchanging. The ancient minds finally made Qiankuntai have a vision. A new Vulcan will be born.

Tianqi and Zhiyang will come to meet the new Vulcan. The new Vulcan is not someone else, but Bai Jue. Looking at Bai Jue with the same eyebrows in front of her, the ancients only rushed forward and plunged into Bai Jue’s arms. She finally waited for the return of the love of her life, and the two finally married.

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