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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 48 Recap

Twilight rang the bells and drums of the God Realm. He announced his fault, willing to repent as a fossil dragon, and protect the peace of the world forever between the immortal and demon. Fenghuang Fengran, fair and just, is the best candidate to hold the throne. He is willing to pass on his throne to Fengran, hoping that the Qing family will continue to assist Fengran and protect the foundation of the Three Realms forever.

What Twilight did made Wu Huan feel painful and sad. After all, she was a husband and wife for 60,000 years. Her love for Twilight had been unknowingly there. Now Twilight Fossil Dragon left her nothing but illusions. Dragon scales. Afterwards, Jingyang came to say goodbye to Wuhuan. He was going to leave the temple to confess his fault.

Wuhuan still thinks that he is right. She asked Jingyang to fight for the position of the emperor of heaven. Jingyang only said that he did not have anything to do with him. Face-to-face disputes, he is ready to use his lifelong cultivation base to dissolve the dangers in the world, to repay the sins he has committed. The gods and demons have different paths, and the two are now different, I’m afraid it will be difficult to see each other in the future, no matter how Wuhuan kept, Jingyang did not hesitate to leave Tiangong.

On the Qinglong stage, the ancients were about to have a break with Wuhuan. It was she who took Wuhuan back to the pilgrimage temple to have all the sins now. Now she has personally collected the blood of Wuhuan’s Feng clan. From then on, Wuhuan is not a human or non-human. Immortal, neither demon nor demon, she has gone through all kinds of illnesses but never enters the cycle of reincarnation, suffering from eternal loneliness.

Seeing that the ancients are now ruthless to Wuhuan, Jing Zhao cursed the ancients to be unloved forever, and tasted the pain of this ten thousand years of loneliness. The ancients only left Qinglongtai alone and did not entangle with Jing Zhaoduo.

In the Rakshasa position, the ancients came to see Feng Ran, only to see Sen Yu made a promise in the place where Jingjian died, that he will never let the echoing drums ring again in this life, and the two clans will live in harmony. If he violates With this oath, he personally went down to plead guilty to Jingjian. When the ancients were about to return to the realm of the gods, she handed the fairy world to Feng Ran. Now that the fairy demon is not flat, she believes that Feng Ran will be able to take on the great responsibility. When the two clans coexist in harmony in the future, she will let Feng Ran come and go freely.

Apocalypse came to see Bai Jue. Bai Jue had already injected all the spiritual power of the firmament realm into the Taicang Spear. Coupled with the apocalypse and the ancient cultivation base, the two were enough to open the gate of the gods.

Later, Tianqi brought out the little dog that Qingmu sent to Houchi. This little dog was transformed by a trace of the remnant soul of the red sun. Tianqi allowed the red sun to accompany Bai Yue to loneliness for thousands of years. At the same time, he also wanted Bai Yue to go to the front of the catastrophe. To accompany Yuan Qi, Yuan Qi always wanted a unique weapon of his own, Tian Qi handed this matter to Bai Jue, let Bai Jue fulfill Yuan Qi’s long-cherished dream.

Bai Jue came to see Yuan Qi with Tian Qi. He expressed his love for Yuan Qi. The reason why he kept Yuan Qi in Qingchi Palace was for Yuan Qi’s safety. As the father of Yuan Qi, Bai Jue taught Yuan Qi the meaning of death, carefully taught Yuan Qi, and brought Yuan Qi to the world to play. Bai Jue knew everything about Yuan Qi’s preferences in the world. Yuan Qi was always smart. He remembered that Feng Ran never admitted to taking him to push Pai Gow, and guessed that Feng Ran who had taken him to the world before was transformed by Bai Jue.

Untied the knot, had a good time with Bai Jue, and also collected the magical artifact made by Bai Jue for him. Although the magical artifact was an ordinary mahogany sword, it was attached to Bai Jue’s half-life spiritual power cultivation base. , Yuanqi was very happy. As soon as the daylight passed by, Bai Jue took Yuan Qi back to Qingchi Palace and said goodbye to Yuan Qi. Yuan Qi didn’t know that Bai Jue had no return date, and only hoped that Bai Jue would return soon.

In the sixty-ninth year of the ancient calendar, on the tenth day of September, the lord god returned to the throne, the three realms regained peace, the god realm was opened, and the immortals and gods all welcomed the return of the chaos lord god. After 60,000 years, the God Realm finally reopened again. Tianqi and Antiquity brought Yuan Qi to the Universe Stage.

On the Universe Stage, Zhiyang led the gods to silently support the entire God Realm with spiritual power. They were trapped in a 60,000-year period. After a deep sleep, finally everything has returned to normal, and they went home.

Antiquity returned to the God Realm for a long time, she dreamed of Bai Ju in her dream, and Bai Ju kissed Antiquity in her dream, so that Antiquity should never think of him again in the future, and take good care of herself. Looking at the antiquity in front of him, Bai Ju felt unwilling to give up, but he also knew that he had reached the time to say goodbye to the antiquity. Later, Bai Jue came to Jiuyou alone. He endured the pain of the original tearing 60,000 years ago only for the sake of the catastrophe of the present, and for the sake of the ancients, he has no regrets or regrets.

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