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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 47 Recap

Sen Yu was devilish, his mind was blinded, and wanted to commit suicide. Chang Qin reminded Sen Yu that he was the demon emperor, and asked Sen Yu to persevere. Looking at the current situation, Sen Yu knew that only a military solution could be used. Solve this problem. On the other side, the ancients came to see Wuhuan in the sky. Wuhuan’s fall devil greatly disappointed the ancients.

Now she is no longer the little servant at the time, and now meets the master and servant again, only wanting Having won the antiquity, Wuhuan threw down Bai Jue’s great gun and formally provoke the antiquity. The ancient god is the Lord of Chaos. She has the mission of the Three Realms. Today, no matter what reason Wuhuan fell into the demon, she can’t let Wuhuan go public or private.

Wu Huan has now solved Tianqi and Bai Ju, and she doesn’t pay attention to the mere ancients. Unexpectedly, Bai Jue and Tianqi arrived at this time. It turns out that the two had already seen through Wuhuan’s strategy. Tianqi drank the wine of death prepared by Bai Jue. This play was performed to solve Wuhuan as soon as possible. Raccoon.

In the Raksha position, both of the fairy clan were enveloped by demons. Fengnu brought Wuhuan’s order, and she asked Jing Jian to leave this place to protect herself. Seeing this, Jing Jian knew that Wuhuan was the new demon god born in Jiuyou today. He asked Feng Ran to help him protect the formation and opened the fairy formation. The fairy formation can only support for a while, but the Ju Yao flag has been absorbing the evil spirits of all the fairy demon.

Jing Jian had no choice but to use her body to protect the formation to block the demon energy for the two races of the fairy and demon, destroying the gathering of the phoenix girl. Demon banner. Jing Jian was dying with her body guarding the formation. He had been holding Feng Ran’s Ling Yu tightly in his hand. Only then did Feng Ran know that Jing Jian was the little boy she had saved when she was a child. Facing Jingjian’s death, Feng Ran wept in pain, which in turn stimulated the energy in his body, and Nirvana was reborn as the Phoenix Emperor.

Apocalypse, Antiquity, and Bai Ju fought together against Wuhuan, but Wuhuan was still inevitable. Without Zhiyang, the three were not her opponents at all. I saw that the sky and the earth were overcast, and the magic energy swallowed the entire sky. Apocalypse, Antiquity, and Bai Ju tried their best to resist, and Bai Ju turned into Qing Mu.

The four teamed up to deal with Wu Huan. In a defeat, she was defeated and her hair was gray. Although Wuhuan was defeated, she guessed that the resurrection of the ancients was related to the catastrophe of Chaos. She laughed at Baiju and deliberately thought about the ancients, but the ancients would regret the truth forever. If the heart is dead, what will happen forever. use.

Fenghuang was born, and the ancients came to Fengran. Fengran asked the ancients to save Jingjian, and the ancients shook his head. Jingjian used the method of military solution. The immortals and demon kings will be destroyed by this method, and they will not be able to reincarnate. Even the ancients couldn’t do anything about it.

Among the Three Realms, Feng Ran could no longer find Jingjian. Jingjian’s death also made Wuhuan very sad. After all, it was her own child. Wuhuan spread her anger on Fengran, thinking that everything was caused by Fengran. She begged the ancients to save Jingjian, but the ancients were powerless and watched. The sad Wuhuan in front of him, Bai Jue only thought that the truth should also be revealed.

In the heavenly palace, Bai Jue asked Wu Huan to confess to the Yuanling Swamp that year, and Wu Huan admitted that Yue Mi was killed by her. She laughed at the four true gods that she played and turned to each other. The ancients remembered that she took Wuhuan back to the pilgrimage hall, and Yuemi also carefully taught Wuhuan. She didn’t understand how Wuhuan could be ruthless. Wuhuan only said that she would always be Fengyan’s substitute, Bai Jue confessed Tell Wuhuan that when the ancients brought Wuhuan to the pilgrimage hall, she learned about Feng Yan and Wu Xi living in seclusion. She had never thought of letting Feng Yan replace Wuhuan.

Everything was just Wuhuan’s own thoughts. Wuhuan said that it was impossible. The three fire dragons also confessed all the crimes related to Wuhuan. The ancients ordered on the spot that she, as the main god of Chaos, decided to personally cut Wuhuan on the Qinglong stage three days later in order to calm the wrath of the people. Wu Huan angrily denounced the injustice of the Heavenly Dao. She mentioned that Houchi was stealing the treasure of the Three Realms for her own selfishness.

Everyone in the Three Realms knew that Houchi was just a joke, but she didn’t know it. Tianqi didn’t want the ancients to know about Houchi. The ancients told Wu Huan frankly that the treasures of the Three Realms were born from her chaotic spiritual power. She couldn’t afford to steal a word if she wanted it. As for other things, whether she knew it or not, she couldn’t allow others to be beaked.

The immortals and the gods left, and the ancients left Bai Ju alone. The ancients asked Bai Ju about the reason for her amnesia. After she woke up as the main god, even Jing Zhao and Wu Huan could humiliate and laugh at her at will. Bai Jue said frankly that the person in Wuhuan’s mouth was not from the ancients, but from Houchi. The ancients had already learned about Houchi’s affairs. Bai Jue knew that he was sorry for Houchi. He was willing to bear all the infamy and never return to the realm of God.

Listening to Bai Jue’s words, the ancients also swore to the ancestor god in the name of the ancient gods. She would never love Bai Jue or hate Bai Jue forever. She only wished that she would live a stranger, and there would be no time to meet again. Seeing the back of the ancients leaving, Bai Jue felt unbearable, but knew that he could only cut off his love in order to make the ancients feel better in the future.

The ancients wanted to know what she experienced after she came out of Jiuyou, Tianqi only said that he had never experienced it. They both kept the ancients from the ancients, just want to let this matter go, the ancients were exhausted and did not pursue them anymore. This matter, only returned to Qingchi Palace. Within the monster clan, Sen Yu felt guilty for Jing Jian’s death, and Chang Qin stayed by his side, only letting Sen Yu take his time. The road ahead is still long.

Twilight came to see Wu Huan. He had never liked the high queen, but the little god who served Wu Huan. Even now, Wu Huan still believes that he has done nothing wrong, and that the fault is only the destiny, but only the gods. Twilight has deep feelings for Wuhuan, he stepped forward and hugged Wuhuan, no matter whether Wuhuan was wrong or not, he recognized Wuhuan as his wife. Afterwards, Twilight came to pray for Wuhuan. The ancients refused to forgive Wuhuan because of Yuemi’s death. Twilight only said that his life has been broken, and he will eventually make a big mistake. Now he can finally do something for him for 60,000 years. Things to do before.

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