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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 46 Recap

When the ancients returned to Qingchi Palace, although she knew that ancient Jun had died for the sake of Houchi, she still asked about the whereabouts of ancient Jun. Tianqi did not tell the truth, and tears fell from the ancients. She had guessed that all that Tianqi had told her White lies, I’m afraid that Yue Mi is no longer there.

Seeing the tears of the ancients, Yuan Qi comforted him, and the ancient heart tacitly said what Tianqi had told Yuan Qi before Houchi left, and asked Yuan Qi to give Bai Ju more time to wait for Bai Ju’s heart to end. Untie it will come to Yuanqi. When Houchi was born with Yuan Qi, her spiritual sense was in this body, she was willing to be Yuan Qi’s mother-in-law, Yuan Qi heard this, only cried and threw herself into the arms of the ancients, calling out her mother-in-law.

Wu Huan’s magic power is so great that he will be able to fly into a demon lord after he successfully overcomes the catastrophe. I saw sky thunders smashing down, Wuhuan stepped forward to cross the thunder tribulation, Bai Jue had noticed the abnormal movement of the sky, Donghua and Twilight also mentioned the matter of Jiuyou’s abnormal movement, and he found out if it is the top of the gods. It is possible to conceal the devilish energy of the whole body, Twilight couldn’t help but think of Wuhuan, only then knew that Wuhuan had fallen into a demon, and that Wuhuan had not reformed for so many years.

The demon clan has been recuperating for many years. Sen Yu wanted to marry Chang Qin as the demon queen, but Chang Qin did not immediately respond to the matter, but only withdrew his hand and decided to think more about it. At this moment, Jing Jian and Feng Ran came to the demon world to persuade Sen Yu to retreat. Sen Yu and Jing Jian had been friends for many years. Seeing that Jing Jian and Feng Ran were now in love, Sen Yu couldn’t help but ask Jing Jian for advice.

The corpse of the immortal soldier whose spiritual veins were exhausted appeared in the fairy clan. Jing Jian believed that Mori would not do this. At this time, when he was retreating, Jing Jian couldn’t help but suspect Wuhuan, and he hurried back to Tiangong to report. Twilight’s face was solemn, he suspected that the person who killed the immortal soldier was the demon. Halfway through the conversation, Wu Huan came to the two, and the two had to stop the conversation. Wuhuan personally cooks after 60,000 years. It was supposed to be a happy family image, but Jingjian left early because of a ties to Wuhuan.

Twilight deliberately mentioned the victimization of the heavenly soldiers at the dinner table, Jingyang He has never liked the Yaozu. He suspects that it was made by the Yaozu. Twilight asked why Jing Zhao hadn’t reported the Nine Nether Phenomenon. After this century, Jing Zhao’s temperament has become more vigorous. Before Jing Zhao could say anything, Twilight had revealed all the truth, everything was done by Wu Huan, and he was unwilling to protect Wu Huan today.

Wu Huan confessed everything, but her devilish energy greatly increased. Twilight was not Wu Huan’s opponent at all. Jing Yang wanted to protect Twilight, but Wu Huan was knocked out. Wuhuan showed her true face. She shot Twilight and asked Jing Zhao to kill Bai Ju. Her current magical power can be compared with the true god. As long as Bai Ju dies, she will not care about anything, and the Three Realms should be left to her. Come to dominate.

The Yaozu wanted to retreat, but the Xianzu wanted to send another army because of the deaths of three soldiers. Jing Jian decided to deal with it and try not to let the two clans go to war. In the Yuanling Marsh Law, Tianqi was drinking while thinking about Yuemi, and told all her thoughts to Yuemi. At this time, Wuhuan transformed into Yuemi’s appearance.

She blinded Tianqi and embraced Yuemi closely. Taking advantage of the apocalypse, taking advantage of the apocalypse’s unprepared shot, kill the apocalypse. Tianqi is the true god of water. He showed a vision when he died. The rainstorm in the autumn didn’t stop, and the ancients in Qingchi Palace also felt uneasy.

In the realm of the sky, Bai Jue detected that the demon god came to the world. He decided to use the spiritual affairs of the sky to resist the devil, so he let Jing Zhao leave the sky. Jing Zhao obeyed Bai Jue’s words and wanted to drink a glass of goodbye wine with Bai Jue, but he was poisoned by the wine. An accident happened to Bai Jue, and there was snow in the sky in the Three Realms. The ice of the earth must be the power of true fire. The origin of Bai Jue was fire, and the ancient heart secretly shouted badly, I’m afraid that something happened to Bai Jue.

The boundless energy was released in the realm of the sky, and the demon-gathering flag fell into the hands of the phoenix girl. The phoenix used the demon-gathering flag to cause a huge catastrophe for the two clans of the fairy and the demon. Chang Qin and Sen Yu resisted the devil qi together, and Sen Yu was not careful. gas.

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