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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 45 Recap

The ancients learned about Houchi from Wuhuan. She asked Wuhuan about Fengyan and Wuxi. Wuhuan didn’t admit what she had done, and instead pushed everything to Elder Danfeng. Now that Elder Danfeng is dead, there is no way to prove it in ancient times. He only ended the master-servant friendship with Wuhuan 60,000 years ago, and she gave an order to Wuhuan that she did not want to see Wuhuan again, and the God Realm reopened in the future.

Wuhuan could not step into the god realm for half a step. After the matter of Wuhuan, the ancients came to find Yuanqi at the birthday banquet. She gave Donghua the Pill of Crossing the Tribulation that she had practiced when she was bored as a gift. This pill could help Donghua to rise to a god, and she deliberately enlightened her. Realm, if Donghua rises to a god in the future, he can sit in the pilgrimage hall.

Jing Zhao came to visit the ancients. The ancients didn’t consider the identity of the princess of Jing Zhao Tiangong at all, saying that Jing Zhao was not qualified to visit her at all. At this moment, Wu Huan also came to the birthday banquet, and the ancients slapped Wu Huan back in public to seek justice for the apocalypse.

Tianqi returned to Qingchi Palace and told Tianqi about everything about Watching Mountain. Tianqi had seen Wuhuan displeased for many years, but now he heard that Wuhuan swept the ground in public, and felt very relieved in his heart. After returning from Watching Mountain, the ancient times also asked about the person in Houchi. Apocalypse passed away. The ancients only decided to practice diligently and reopen the God Realm as soon as possible, and asked Yuan Qi to help her stare at Apocalypse. Any wind and grass came to her. report.

Twilight was very happy to learn that the ancients had awakened. In order to let the ancients practice diligently, he decided not to disturb the ancients. Later, Twilight asked about the whereabouts of Phoenix Girl. Countless fairy monarchs have died of unfavorable lives in recent days. Everything is related to Phoenix Girl. Wu Huan said that she did not know the whereabouts of Phoenix Girl.

Twilight decided to go to the realm of the sky and let Wu The whereabouts of Huan Youfeng Girl will be notified as soon as possible. After Twilight left, Wu Huan ordered the Phoenix Girl to go to Rakshasa quickly. She needed more evil spirits to cultivate into a demon in order to divide and disintegrate the three true gods.

Yuan Qi told the ancient times that Tianqi had sneaked out of the Qingchi Palace. The ancients followed all the way and saw Tianqi staying with Bai Yue. Tianqi also gave her ancient Emperor sword to Bai Yue. The two talked about ancient things. , Tianqi told Bai Jue about Jing Zhao’s leak of the back pond, and he told Bai Jue to refuse the antiquity more, so as to avoid the antiquity thoughts, Bai Jue was self-proportioned in his heart and only responded.

Later, the ancients came to look for the ancient emperor sword, but Bai Jue discovered that Bai Jue drove the ancients to leave the firmament realm again. His fate with the ancients ended 60,000 years ago. If the ancients wanted to continue their frontiers, he And don’t mind to accompany the antiquity to re-dream once again. Looking at Bai Jue’s flimsy appearance, the ancients only left in disgust, but accidentally encountered three fire dragons. Seeing the flattering appearance of the three fire dragons, the ancients only felt that this person was no different from Bai Jue now.

Twilight and Mori came to the realm of the sky to discuss matters, but the two disagree. Bai Jue knew that the ancients were still in the realm of the sky, so he only summoned the dancers and held a banquet to discuss with them while drinking. The movement of the dancing girl really attracted the attention of the ancients. The ancients were also a little hungry.

She turned into three back dragons and went to the banquet. At the banquet, she heard that Twilight and Mori had bought three fire dragons. In the conflict, she still revealed her identity and told Twilight and the others to retreat first. After everyone retreated, the ancients went to toast Bai Jue a glass of wine, and saw that Bai Jue had a sword wound on her body. The ancients guessed that this sword was bestowed by Tianqi’s mother.

In the thousand years of Jiuyou, the ancients have been missing Bai Jue. But she never thought that Bai Ju would become what she is now. Her love for Bai Ju was accumulated every minute, and now it is also dissipated because of Bai Jue. Seeing the figure of the ancients fading away, Bai Jue shed tears, feeling sad in her heart.

Wuhuan summoned Jing Zhao to come to Tiangong and learned that Bai Ju had fined Jing Zhao for one year in confinement for watching the mountain. She gritted her teeth and told Jing Zhao that there was no place for Jing Zhao to stand in the sky, and they should not pin their hopes on others. She wants to dominate her body, she wants to help Jing Zhao become the master of the firmament realm.

When the ancients wanted to leave the realm of the sky, Jing Zhao came to see the ancients. She hoped that the ancients would not step into the realm of the sky again, and return her a place, and she was willing to tell the story of Qingmu and Houchi to the ancients. The ancients were not threatened by Jing Zhao, and the three fire dragons also quickly told Bai Ju about Jing Zhao. Bai Ju hurriedly came to see the ancients and told them about Qing Mu and Houchi. Bai Jue repeatedly claimed that Qingmu and Houchi were no more than mortal bodies, and that he had no guilt for the two of them, and only let the ancients step up their cultivation, and don’t be bothered by this insignificant past.

Seeing that Bai Ju didn’t miss the old feelings so much, he didn’t have a feeling of affection for Yuan Qi, and the ancients were discouraged and completely gave up on Bai Jue. As everyone knows, Bai Jue has been silently guarding the antiquity over the years, and has also played with Yuan Qiwan in the appearance of Fengran many times. He silently acknowledged everything, just for the antiquity to be able to live a safe life.

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