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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 44 Recap

In the eyes of the ancients, Bai Jue seemed to be an irresponsible image of abandoning his wife and abandoning his children. Bai Jue did not defend himself. He only asked the ancients to stop coming to the realm of the sky, letting the ancients disappointed, and returned with Yuan Qi. Qingchi Palace. In Qingchi Palace, Bai Jue sneaked into Qingchi Palace to give something to the ancients.

Tianqi shook his head and sighed, for fear that Bai Jue would alarm Wu Huan for a long time. He had clearly decided to end his relationship, but still reluctant to let it go, looking at Bai With Ju’s infatuation, Tianqi still let Bai Ju see the ancient side in secret.

The gossip of the gods circulating in Qingchi Palace is mostly the scandals of Tianqi. Feng Ran said these scandals to Tianqi. Tianqi was only ashamed and angry. He found out the source of the gossip and asked the people in Qingchi Palace one by one. These gossips must not be spread again. Because of this gossip, Tianqi once again remembered the things in the God Realm, but he sighed in his heart. After 60,000 years, he also missed the God Realm back then.

In the heavenly palace, Wuhuan brings the fruit juice for Twilight, and the Donghua birthday feast is approaching. Wuhuan wants to use his thousand-year spiritual power to nourish the lookout mountain as a gift. Twilight feels sorry for Wuhuan. Wuhuan has not been out of the heavenly palace for a hundred years. Just let Wuhuan go to Watch Mountain for him to attend the Donghua birthday banquet.

After that, Wuhuan came to see Jingyang. Jingyang was fined 20 sky thunders for killing Shenhua, but he did not blame Wuhuan for the incident. In the past century, his mood has changed. He only wants immortals. The two demons can coexist peacefully, and the ability he has cultivated may not come in handy.

Jingjian and Fengran are in agreement, and they have long been secretive. The ancient awakened, Jing Jian came to visit the ancients. The ancients had learned from Qitian that Feng Yan and Wuxi were killed by Wuhuan. She never expected that she had missed Wuhuan by mistake, so she didn’t even treat Wuhuan’s son. Kind of favor. It’s just that Jingjian is modest in nature, and he spoils Fengran. Even Tianqi is optimistic about Jingjian.

After a few conversations with Jingjian in ancient times, he found that Jingjian is indeed good. After Jing Jian left, Feng Ran brought up Donghua’s birthday banquet, and Tianqi did not agree to the two going to Lookout Mountain. It’s just that the soldiers are not tired of deceit, and how the ancients understood Tianqi’s temperament. She and Yuan Qi united to talk about Tianqi, so that Tianqi couldn’t stand the hard and soft blisters of the two in desperation, so that the two of them went out to Watch Mountain.

Looking at the mountain, Wu Huan and Jing Zhao came to attend the birthday banquet. Wu Huan asked about Jing Zhao’s current situation. Jing Zhao only said that she no longer lived on thin ice, but was happy. After these hundred years, she also understood that she could Only honor is gained, so I no longer have any illusions about Bai Jue or Qingmu.

On the other side, the ancients brought Yuan Qi to the bamboo house in Lookout Mountain. Looking at the dilapidated bamboo house, she couldn’t help but remember her past with Bai Ju, and Yuan Qi always responded to Bai Jue, remembering her hatred of Bai Ju for a hundred years. Abandoned here. After sixty thousand years, the ancients have returned to the old place, but they have long since been wrong.

The Xianshan of Watching Mountain talked about the vain posture of Wuhuan and Jing Zhao. When they came to Watching Mountain, they wanted to drink the spring water specially drunk by the cultivators in the mountain. Although Xianshan was quite dissatisfied, they took it with them. Xian’e went to fetch the fairy spring. Unexpectedly, Yuan Qi happened to be on the side of Xianquan, and Xiao Xian’e couldn’t make a difference. She was furious. Yuan Qi always corrected her mistakes when he knew it. He learned that this was not an ordinary Xianquan. Not only did he take the initiative to admit his mistakes, but also wish. Follow Xian’e to admit to Wuhuan and Jing Zhao.

Xian’e brought Yuan Qi to Wuhuan. During these years, Yuan Qi often went to the realm of the sky. He recognized Jing Zhao and had a relationship with Jing Zhao. Wuhuan learned that Yuan Qi was the child of Houchi and Qingmu, so he only shot. He slapped Yuan Qi and wanted to teach Yuan Qi. Fortunately, the ancients arrived in time. As the Lord God of the Three Realms in the ancient times, she was worshipped by everyone present, and even made them retreat, leaving Wuhuan alone.

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