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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 42 Recap

After receiving Cheng Xin’s investigation results, Chu Yunfei called Qiao Siwen to his office. Qiao Siwen saw the evidence as conclusive and did not argue. He only asked Chu Yunfei to raise his hand and not to declare that he was a leaker, in order to give himself a chance. , Qiao Siwen told Chu Yunfei about Hongshuo’s ultimate goal of the Cheng Group, which was regarded as an early warning to Chu Yunfei and the Cheng Group. Chu Yunfei was very disappointed with Qiao Siwen and asked him not to appear in his future. before.

Qiao Siwen is just a chess piece. The real behind-the-scenes man behind the scenes is Uncle Liang next to Cheng Jianye. Uncle Liang deliberately let Cheng Jianye drink and drive. Cheng Jianye drunk and hit someone and was taken to the police station. The Cheng group has no leader and the stock price is also After a fall, the shareholders were also preparing to convene a general meeting of shareholders to dismiss Cheng Jianye from the position of chairman. Liang Shu felt that Cheng Xin was an eldest lady who knew nothing. He comforted Cheng Xin on the surface and said that he would support Cheng Xin, but he was already prepared to operate secretly. , Intent to get the position of chairman.

When Cheng Jianye was caught in the news, Kong Hao persuaded Zheng Gan to find Cheng Xin as soon as possible, but Zheng Gan felt that he could not help much if he went now, so that others should not bother Cheng Xin. Zheng Gan was calm on the surface, but he silently finished the work of the studio in the next few days, and prepared to hand the studio to Kong Hao and the others.

He spared time to help Cheng Xin. Although the court has not yet pronounced a verdict on the injured person’s injuries. It’s not very serious, but now the public opinion is overwhelmingly condemning Cheng Jianye, which is likely to aggravate Cheng Jianye’s sentence. Kong Hao and others support Zheng Qian to help Cheng Xin. Zheng Qian has also collected a lot of what Cheng Jianye has done in the past few days. Good thing, prepare to post a post to wash away Cheng Jianye’s reputation.

When something happened to the Cheng Group, the company that had previously cooperated with the Cheng Group also came to make trouble. Cheng Xin asked the Cheng Group to settle the money. Cheng Xin was outspoken and felt that they did not trust the Cheng Group. Pulling aside, saying that the urgent task is to appease partners, not to push others out, but Uncle Liang is fanning the flames, saying that Cheng Xin has Cheng Jianye’s demeanor, and they can’t show weakness in extraordinary times. They can’t show weakness.

Cheng Xin sees Uncle Liang’s support. I asked everyone to find the financial settlement. Being delayed by the small company downstairs, Cheng Xin was late at the general meeting of shareholders. The shareholders were dissatisfied. They heard that Cheng Xin had made an arbitrary decision, and even more criticized Cheng Xin. Cheng Xin felt that Cheng Jianye had something to do, so he took over Cheng Xin. The Chengshi Group is right, but she has no management experience at all and cannot gain the trust of shareholders. On the spot, some shareholders expressed their decision to reduce the shares of Chengshi Group.

Lin Man suddenly came to the Daydream Studio. Zheng Gan thanked Lin Man. Lin Man asked Zheng Gan not to be too polite. Then he asked Zheng Gan what he thought of the future development of the platform. Zheng Gan talked about his thoughts. Lin Man also said that he would help Zheng Gan in the future. After the two had nothing to talk about, Lin Man said that his company had something to leave first.

Chu Yunfei was reminded by Lao Feng before, and he also thought of Uncle Liang’s decision not to invest in Tenda. He doubted Uncle Liang in his heart. When Chu Yunfei was in a trance, someone called Chu Yunfei to let him watch the news on the Internet. The public opinion just happened, and it broke out that Cheng Jianye was buying the judge.

The Cheng Group’s stock price continued to fall, and Cheng Xin was hit hard. Chu Yunfei couldn’t contact Cheng Xin, so he went to Zheng’s house anxiously, and found that Cheng Xin was not at the Zheng’s house. Father Zheng quickly told Zheng Gan about Cheng Xin’s disappearance. Zheng Gan finally found the one who hid after searching. Cheng Xin. He pulled Cheng Xin and said that since he wanted to escape, he would flee to a place that no one could find. Zheng Qian led Cheng Xin to the beach. Cheng Xin shouted ventingly, condemning himself for her incompetence. Zheng Qian quickly comforted him and said that he and Kong Hao would help Cheng Xin. Under Zheng Qian’s comfort, Cheng Xin decided not to escape.

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