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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 30 End Recap

The rapid change of the faces of the Nine Kings made the two of them panic. It turned out that the Nine Kings regarded Xiao Maruko and Lu Yingyao’s plan as a nonsense. Sure enough, Xiaowanzi standing outside saw a group of soldiers running towards him. Xiaowanzi started calling for help. Mei Shiqing hurried over and asked the soldiers to lock him up together. At present, the three of them are in jail. When they are sad, Lu Yingyao also asks her father for crimes and comes to the cell. Now the four of them are united and ready to live and die together.

Mei Shiqing discovered that Fulongchang’s remittance was fraudulent, and suspected that it had something to do with the summoning of the Nine Kings, and ordered Si Heng to investigate the case. Sure enough, Situ had already begun to destroy the body of his master, but Si Heng came a step late and watched Dong Daman die before his eyes.

After Situ Lin’s incident was completed, he returned to the palace to see the Six Princes. The Six Princes watched Situ Lin grow up. Even his father, Bruce Lee, was also under the Six Princes. Now the two are plotting to bring the rumors of the false princess to the imperial court, and afterwards they will put the blame on them and destroy the Mei Mansion with one stone.

On the other side, the Nine Kings met Mei Changyun, and the two came to discuss how to solve the problem. The Nine Kings hoped to restore everything to the original state, but Mei Changyun was afraid that Mei Shiqing was unwilling, so he offered to recognize Xiaobao as his son. The Ming media is getting married, but the Nine Princes are unwilling to let Lu Yingyao marry the bandits and leave in anger.

The next day, the Nine Kings called Lu Yingyao and Mei Shiqing, and proposed to blame Xiaowanzi and Xiaobao for everything. Lu Yingyao was very disappointed when she heard that, but her father still regarded herself as a tool. For Xiaobao’s life, Lu Yingyao and Mei Shiqing had to temporarily nod their heads in agreement. Unexpectedly, the steward Liu on the side suggested that when the two were leaving, it would be better to wait for the two to go to the temple the next day and get rid of Xiaowanzi and Xiaobao. All the tricks were heard by Lu Yingyao.

At dawn, Lu Yingyao proposed to see Xiaobao and Xiaowanzi before leaving. Lu Yingyao told the truth. The four were unwilling to separate like this, so they made a concerted effort to escape from prison. Butler Liu led someone to stop him. Finally left. When the nine princes came to inquire about the crime, Mei Changyun suddenly said that he had something to report…

Lu Yingyao led everyone to a hidden private house and settled the two first. Unexpectedly, the Six Princes and Situ Lin would follow. According to Mei Shiqing’s intelligence network, Mei Shiqing had already manipulated the Six Princes very much afterwards. Understood, so he exposed the tricks of the Six Princes in front of everyone.

Six princes simply said his premeditated plan, Mei Shiqing simply said all of them. Six princes were very excited and took a knife and scratched himself in order to create the illusion that Mei Shiqing had attacked him. Unexpectedly, when Mei Shiqing talked about starting the Gua, the Six Princes became interested. Taking the Gua as an excuse, Mei Shiqing found out that the Six Princes wanted to rebel.

On that day, Dong Daman was stabbed to death, leaving his last words to Si Heng. Si Heng found all the money and account books in Dong Daman’s possession. It was this matter that Mei Changyun and the Nine Lords were discussing. The two of them have now brought all the evidence to face the saint. The six princes felt bad and ordered the murder. Mei Changyun rushed to fight with the six princes with his troops. Mei’s father and son teamed up to subdue the Sixth Prince, while Situ Lin died by the Sixth Prince’s knife by mistake.

The rebellion of the Ping Liu prince was considered to be overwhelming. The emperor simply promoted Xiaobao, named Xiaowanzi the princess, and gave two pairs of caring people a marriage. Now these few people finally see the moon and spend a good time.

Under the full house of Jinbi, the four newcomers walked into the hall, the beautiful family under the hijab, the lover around them, and the four smiling faces were full of happiness.

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